Battery replacement HDX (once again)

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As an AI language model, I do not have personal experience or access to images of the internal components of the Naim HDX. However, based on available information online, the battery in the Naim HDX is located internally and requires disassembly of the unit to access it. It is recommended to contact a qualified technician for battery replacement to avoid damaging the delicate components of the device.

It’s right next to the PCI card slot.



I know many people loved ‘chatting’ on blogs, i personally wish ALL manufacturers, of everything , from a teli, to a phone, audio gear to a BMW, just had factory people who could answer real questions with real answers so most of the world could get on with, whatever they are doing. AFTER MUCH time, and many photo’s and much amplification, I found it ! So for the rest of the NAIM community, who wants an ACTUAL, detailed answer, of where it is (not how to get it out, safely, here goes! : Just left of center, almost at the back of the unit, looking towards the back of the unit, right under the small PC board, with ARM processor, is a vertical board, mounted to the edge of the main motherboard. Just INSIDE of this board, just inside of a row of almost empty pin connectors is the battery. (right behind the network cable, going to the RJ45 jack.) How you get it out ? Very carefully I would say, haven’t attempted that yet .

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Out of interest what is the ‘fan issue’?

The fan on the NS02 I had went bad, so I just replaced it, amazon sell them.

If its not doing anything on boot then perhaps the power supply is bad, I replaced that to, about 80 quid, its off the shelf.

Neil, do you know, if a non VGA monitor will work in a pinch ? All old stuff, like VGA monitors went into the heap a long time ago. Found a PS keyboard in a closet, but SOL on the monitor. Was going to try a 10+ year old laptop, which has VGA in, but when I went to start, got bios error, and after trying to triage, gave up. Never, but retired laptop has VGA [out] port, that I could possibly set into a slave mode, maybe, but easiest would be using a TV monitor, that scalles down to 480’i, if you think that will work ?
FOR REFERENCE ON THE BATTERY: unlike the peanut gallery, real information; The battery information was NOT known by NAIM service, when I spoke to them, I found on my own, as per photo above. To remove is hard, to replace is harder, as the space is very tight, and you have a lot of very small, delicate connectors near by. You should remove the first two sets of power connectors, that my thumb is on. Either a very small, non-static TV type flat head to very gently pry off the receptical or very gently using your nail and gently removing. ( When replacing make sure they are fully seated!). I put electrical tape, on one of the jaws of a jewelers sized needle nose plyers to prevent a short, but kept dropping he battery upon release. Easiest, but not easy, is to take your time and slot in. A sort of snap / lock is on the top left of battery holder. I think the real proper way, is to remove the Network port, with Allen keys form back panel, and move the cable out of the way. I didn’t but this might be in the real repair manual.

Anyway, my question is getting to an [On-Screen] state to reset, as needed the BIOS. Can it be done w/o a VGA Monitor? Thank you!

@NeilS in case you don’t spot this question…

Using televisions & adaptors is a bit of a gamble, you may get it to work.
I’d give this a go from my post earlier in this thread:

If you have had the battery removed for a period of time to replace it, the unit will halt at the checksum error shown in the pic in the OP. So power it up give it 20 seconds & then follow the instructions in the above link.


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Hello garyi,
where did you find the original power supply ?
Mine has broken but i only can find a replacement which is a little bit smaller.

Regards Peter

It’s from rs components but I am talking like years ago I will see what I can find

Hello garyi,
I hav ordered the replacment power supply because the original version was out of stock in all the shops. The replacement part epp-200-12 from Mean Well is smaller and i fitted it in the naim hdx wirh brackets. Peter

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