Bbc monitors

Have any of you compared the speakers of these brands?
I mean, who has the most enjoyable and non-tiring music image, including low frequencies.
Spendor Classic 1/2
Graham BBC LS5 / 9
Stirling LS 3/6
Room size(m.)- 5.2/4.3/2.75
Amplification- 52/s.c/135

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Spendors - the sweetest, S/HL5s - the brightest as a spectrum in my experience

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I went from Harbeth C7-ES3 speakers to Graham Audio LS5/9 BBC Monitors and, in my opinion, it was a night and day upgrade. The Graham Audio LS5/9 BBC Monitors are a perfect fit for my room (25’ x 11’ x 10’8"), and they have scaled with every upgrade I have made with my source and my electronics.

They are not true BBC Monitors, but I would add the Graham Audio LS5/9f to your list of speakers to audition.


In my humble opinion, any design, 2/3 way speaker is a compromise in frequency cutting.
I am looking for an alternative in a monitor configuration that will handle high and medium frequencies well and a musical subwoofer that will handle low frequencies up to 20 HZ.
I would love to hear from the experience of other members, in the forum

Graham anyday of the week
Not sure even 135s will tighten up the rather slow Harbeth bas


If I understood you correctly, do you think the 135 is not efficacious enough to get the most out of the Harbeth?

Ditton, do you still have your Ovators as you specify in your profile? The problem is that what you wrote above is more or less the design specification for Ovators. When you go for a BBC monitor, you likely loose the worldclass bass you currently have.

Going active with the Ovators maybe?

I wonder what you are currently missing and why you consider BBC monitors.

Hi Ardbeg,
Yes. I still have those S600.
I’m missing nothing ,just wondering if there, anything better out there ,on configuration of monitor/sub.
Maybe it a nostalgic weave? :wink:

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I have a bias for the Graham LS5/9 having lived with them from shortly after they were introduced.
I have a BKE XS200 DF subwoofer which makes a pleasing addition, but apart from the adjustments on the unit, I have not attempted to optimise. This is partly because using some of the prediction programmes the optimum placement is where I have my armchair.
Room size 24’ 7" x 11’ 10" x 8’ 5", narrows to 8’ 6", firing the length of the room because of door placement and a 6’ x 1’ 3" chimney breast in just the wrong place.
The caveat with the list of models, they are different sizes which may affect the bass and the LS5/9, being a BBC licenced design, rolls off at 16k kHz (?because of the limits imposed by FM broadcasting). Whilst I am aware that extended HF can affect the shaping of harmonics, with ears that roll off above 7 kHz, I am not going to get upset about it.


Your 135s are very potent, its the speakers I meant.
Doubt there’s anything really which tighten up basnotes.

Apart from P3ESR & M30, primarily the 3-way editions are far too expensive for what you get of compromises IMO, nice mids but you know how basnotes should sound with S600…
listen first…

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Hi Per,

hope you’re doing fine. I have heard Graham LS5/9s at a friend’s store and found them super… I agree with you, and about LS5/3s, I have found that Sterling ones are almost unbeatable.

Ciao, Max

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Might be worth adding Falcon Accoustics to your list of manufacturers of BBC monitors.

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Was looking at those just yesterday! They look very nice at least. In that utilitarian style :slight_smile:

(Cracking review of then on

Signals have a pair for sale - ex demo I think. Might be worth a call.

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Appreciate the heads up, thanks :slight_smile: I was on the Falcon Acoustics site looking at drivers for a DIY speaker project I’m thinking about, let’s just say that my budget is not ‘compatible’ with the LS3/5a from Falcon Acoustics X)

Had SHL5 Plus but they gave me listening fatigue. They are on the bright side mids to top. Bass needs loads of power to get going.

I moved to Tannoy Legacy Eaton. Wonderful speakers with my Naim system so be sure to look them up.

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I don’t know the spendor but all the other speaker in the list needs to be placed really carefully in the room at cost of having awful results. In your room I doubt you can t place 5/9 or super hl5 with acceptable results.
I own a pair of devore fidelity 3xl and I consider them absolutely in another league, I invite you to listen. I own the atc scm19v2 as well and they are newly very easy to place.
In my experience you’ve to consider system and room as a unique entity if the goal is having good results.

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Grazie Pietro :+1:

I do my congrats @ditton66 you answered me perfectly in Italian. I noted that you’re from tel aviv, I live in al Cairo, near to you there is a devore reseller, let give him a chance


I’ll do. thanks’.