BBC Radio 3 HD Disappearing Act? ND5 XS 2

Like the artistic and sound quality of Linn Radio (320kb/s) although the classical music catalogue is not comprehensive (more early than late) and CD is often better SQ.
Now find can only receive R3 in 135kb/s. Barely worth listening to compared CD. Can someone give a solution/workaround, please? Is this temporary or permanent?
I have a CD5XS digitally connected to ND5XS2 as DAC (better than internal DAC in my view). With CD collection and not wishing downloads, thinking of some improvement. Pity Naim doesn’t offer a competitor any longer? By the way AudioT is showcasing Lyngdorf CD players soon. Am really liking my newly acquired Spendor D7.2. Excellent on opera, etc voices.
Glad of any advice. Thank you.

Have you seen the posts on BBC changes? = delete your BBC favourite’s & reinstall from Naim iRadio’s BBC listing.

All I can find are BBC radio streams at around 100kbs

It depends where you are. Outside the UK, the bit rates are low. That’s the BBC’s decision, not Naim’s.

But inside the UK you can easily select the real deal.

If you check today what bitrate of BBC Radio 3 can you play?

BBC R3 on Naim iRadio BBC listing has x2 broadcast services listed as
HD at 320kb/s & (not HD) 128kb/s (see pic)

The now playing screen shows as HLS 48kHz 339kb/s & 48kHz 135kb/s

This is what I see right now:

Did delete my favourites and then re-installed BBC R3 and BBC R3 HD and found that only the former gave me sound. Nothing happened with latter. Welcome further thoughts.

Where are you living?
The BBC services I showed are only available to UK IP Addresses
I am surprised that you can see the HD service logo but not get it to play.

@Stevesky …. any thoughts?

I reinstalled R4 and R4 HD. Both work first 135kb/s and second 335kb/s. With R3 and R3 HD, R3 works at 135kb/s and R3 HD does not. Going to “Reconnect” music is played but at only 135kb/s. Traume (a Wagner fan) lives in Gloucestershire between Gloucester and Bristol. Maybe BBC hasn’t caught up geographically yet??

Thanks, I have now isolated my problem to not having a reverse dns so The BBC doesn’t know where I am. More investigation needed to solve a problem at the limits of my networking knowledge.

Hi @Traume

Can you try again. A wan IP to Geo location issue was fixed at VTuner earlier today, so if its the same issue that you have seen it might now be fixed.

My namesake @Steveh had the same issue and that is now working.



Hi Steve,
Thanks for your advice. Slow in response - waterfall from gas boiler but now repaired.
Have re-instated BBC R3 HD. It states operating under AAC 48.0Hz 335kb/s and so also does BBC R4 HD whereas Linn Classical (MP3 44.1kHz. 320kb/s). But Classic FM shows a value of MP3 44.1kHz 128 kbits/s. I had assumed that Classic FM and Classic FM 90.7 had become the same transmission but not so in the last few minutes of listening. Classic FM 90.7 with different music given as MP3 44.1Hz 192kb/s (half way house - maybe Dutch announcer).
Anyway now good radio selection - Vivat CD.
Thanks, DaveH
Installed Version ND5 XS2 Firmware Up to date

Very helpful!
Have deleted and reinstalled…now works fine… pity about some of the programmes though! Still missing Ken Bruce!

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Ah yes, dear old Ken.
Mrs Mike gets her daily dose on Greatest Hits Radio.

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