Beginner starting firmware upgrade 4.8 on green screen SU

I had been putting off the firmware upgrade my SuperUniti from 4.4 to 4.8 because of a lack of confidence in my ability to carry out the process without a mistake and damaging the SU. Eventually I decided to read the guide again and note anything that I did not understand and seek clarification where I needed it. Hopefully this will help the upgrade go smoothly.

My first question comes near the beginning. How to install the driver? I can download the file linked from the guide to silabs to the downloads folder on my laptop but what next? I would appreciate any advice on the process for driver installation.


Next, double click and install the drivers. The download is a zip file. Look inside the zip and you’ll see this:

The file you want to launch is probably the one ending _x64.exe ← launch this, and follow the prompts:

The guidance pdf “how to upgrade legacy streamers to 4.8” is in freshdesk here Help Centre

There’s a YouTube video that shows an upgrade to a superuniti in the following thread:

Thank you very much for the detailed information on installing the driver. I looked once more through the guide but could not find this information. I did find the instruction “you will need to install the driver” which I did not find to be enough for someone who does not know how to do it!


It took me a little while to get a suitable cable and to borrow a laptop, but with your guidance and the instructions from Naim I carried out the upgrade without any problems. Thank you.


I was initially very nervous about doing this as I have the original Uniti Mk 1, and the software updater wouldn’t work with my Mac. I borrowed my other half’s windows laptop, installed the USB/RS232 driver for the cable, downloaded the updater, and it went swimmingly. All in all, it only took about twenty minutes and the Uniti is working perfectly.