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I can’t log in anylonger to my tidel account via the Naim app. Tried to a couple of things. 1. Reboot the Naim receiver, changed my password, try to log on via input settings. Nothing works. I have the naim streaming receiver for 5 or 6 years and never updated the firmware. Nevertheless the other functions work (radio and so forth). Any experience with this issue? Support is appreciated. Ron

You need to update the firmware to 4.8.

Thank you! Am working on the upgrade of the firmware. Next issue is that the naim streamer updater does not see the usb port. Any idea how to fix this? Thanks, Ron

You will need to install the necessary drivers. Please read the pdf it has all the information.

My superuniti and my friends 272 did exactly the same last week, we both updated to 4.8 and everything is fine now.
We both have noticed subtle improvements in ease of use and sound quality

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thank you, i am denied access to the driver update manual

I could select the port after finding the right usb driver software. This chat may be closed! Thank you, Ron

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