Best blu Ray for Uniti nova

Hello folks

As always I’m looking for some advice.
I have uniti nova and MA silver 300 setup connected to my LG OLED TV.

I’m looking for a good quality BluRay player to play my collection of Blu-ray Discs, DVDs and very small collection of assorted songs on CD.
Budget upto 2k.

Possibly look for a pre loved Oppo unit?


Any model in particular?

Im not that familiar with the range. They are sadly not made anymore so 2nd hand is your only option.
They are fantastic units and can play almost any disc you have.
Ebay or similar is worth a try.
You wont need to spend 2k either!

Panasonic UB9004 - should be around 1k
Superb build quality and minimalistic design. (Obviously I own one)

Or the UB820. Not in the same league in terms of build quality, but still an excellent player.

Thank you :pray: does it play CDs as well?

Of course. Check the specs at the website or a review, it has a specifically designed audio section for CD playback.

Agreed, although I think the UB9004 is better as a CD Player. For Bluray it has the same specs and features . I was willing to pay double for the build quality and looks.

I’m sure it is a better CD player (and probably has the edge with Blu-ray as well). I was sorely tempted by the UB9000 (as it was when I was looking for a 4k player), however Sevenoaks Sound and Vision had a secret £100-off offer on the UB820 which made it impossible to ignore at £199…

Go for Raevon. IMHO the best universal disc player.

I mean Reavon…


I know which one I would take :slight_smile:
The Reavon is surely a very good option but the higher end Modell with the analogue outputs is almost twice as expensive as the Panasonic in Germany

Thanks for the info , which model 110 or 200?

If you want to connect the player to the Nova I Think that x1110 is the best option.

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I see it is half the price as well.

Right.The x200 is for top home cinema systems

I have a high end Pioneer Blu Ray, but Pioneer have had their traumas , my guess is if you want new Panasonic or Raevon .

For what it’s worth Reavon will play SACD but the top end Panasonic doesn’t.

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Hard to argue with an Oppo, just hard to pay the price they are asking for them used. I have a 203 since it was released with no complaints. Paid 600 US for it new, i see them now for up to 1500 used.

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Can any of these players also be used to rip DVDs and Blu Ray discs.