Best cd transport for Nds dac

I am interested if some could find a better transport than the Cdx2.2 to be connected to a Naim dac or Nds/ Nd555.
And a transport that can preserve the Naim sound.

Someone here uses a transport with his Nd555 and finds the sound is even better vs the Cd555.
For serious listenings, it would be a great choice for me, and less cost effective also.
I would be able to keep my Nds and in the meantime having perhaps even better sound with a top transport.

Budget is always useful Le Coq Francais!

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I found two recent cd transports only, still being produced.
CEC TL 2N and Ayon CDT 2. Both around 6k euros. 6/7 k would be my max budget.

Both have spdif out.

Moon 260DT maybe.


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@AHT uses the JAY’s audio. Looks interesting.


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I guess question is. Will it beat my CDS3 with XPS2? Which for me is as good as NDS with 555PS albeit somewhat different in presentation.

Love how the CDS3 looks as well!

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I don’t know, the reason of my thread Dan. AHT found that his Jay’s audio transport ( made in China but with high standards, for around 3k euros) , connected to the Nd555 dac, beats the CD555.
The advantage of transport only is that I can use both, the CD player, and the Nds, and having to buy only one box.

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Less boxes is an attractive option if it sounds better than a CD555.

Are you thinking of going for Jay’s audio transport?

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I am thinking. It’s a possibility. Will search some others feedbacks elsewhere also. The problem is that if I buy, it would be without testing at home .

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One issue to consider is whether the dac in an excellent CDP is specially tuned to the electrical output of the transport?

So it may not be as simple as just getting a very good CD transport.

You might (or might not) be better getting a Naim (or other) CDP as a whole…?

My goal is to have better than CD555 and in the meantime keep the streaming part too.
A very good transport with Nds as dac and Nds as streamer: 3 boxes, 2 sources.

You don’t have much choice FR. It’s either CD5 XS to CDX2.2.
I had the former on NDS/555DR via DC1 for a few years and found it exquisite. Nevertheless I eventually went ND555 and sold the 5XS when I started to play with the Core.

Why? A member here uses the Jay’s audio transport with Nd555 as dac, and finds the combo better than Cd555.
A good transport with a quality spdif is one possible way to go. Why only Naim cd transports, which have an inbuilt dac I will not use, which are not produced anymore…?
We should stop to believe that only Naim goes with Naim.


PS Audio do nice CD transports I believe FR


So another one to consider and add to the list. How choose?

How many CDs are we talking about here? That might inform the likely budget and investment. If your main source is streaming and vinyl and you’ve just got a couple hundred CDs, I might be inclined to just add a $500 TEAC transport to the NDS and be done with it… or a second hand CDX mk1 with the digital out.

It’s a market Naim turned it’s back on. It’s a shame a half box Naim transport, tied to a DAC V1 into a NAP 100 or NAP200 would have been an attractive combo.

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I don’t think they had a lot of choice. Naim don’t make their own transports. Or in fact make their own of most things. If you look at the transports on the market, nearly all of them are from brands who machine their own mechs.

to some degree, staying in the game would mean starting R&D on transports and their fabrication from zero. Just not tenable at this late stage of the game.

I play CDs only rarely when I have guests so I bought a project cd transport for odd cd play. It connects to my MScaler via optical and is surprisingly good. I’d need a lot of convincing that spending an extra 3k over the £500 it cost would give value for money

I was looking for a transport after replacing my CD5/Hicap with a nDac. Tried a bunch of CD players and was not happy with sound and lost the coherence of the CD5.

Recently picked up a Audiosector transport and absolutely love it. Big step up in my digital replay. Design details are documented on Peter Daniels Audiosector site. Design is inspired by 47Labs Shigaraki player . Hearing is believing. Currently used with Croft amplification and Spendor SP 3/1R2 speakers. Get lots of comments on cool factor as well…