Best internet radio anyone?

FYI. Some users have reported problems with BBC stations on Naim equipment. In short the problem relates to users who have the stations as pre-sets which now need to be regenerated.

There is a thread on which @Stevesky indicates the solution.
see BBC Radio down? - Streaming Audio - Naim Audio - Community

Unfortunately other users have reported the same problem many times without checking the forum.
Resulting in duplicate posts about a problem for which there is already a solution.

@DiggyGun Airable informed in case you are missing your fix. - Update Airable is OK now.

Thanks for the update. Basically, had to re-set everything, but now up and running and enjoying the Jazz again.


As Stevesky indicated Jazz24 (and many other stations) changed their domain but for some reason the new aac/256 stream was not working initially although the mp3/128 was.
I have been listening to ALR Jazz, Relaxing Jazz and SatinJazz which are nice alternatives and all on Airable.

The Penthouse Radio seems like a nice station.

Try offrario, too. I understand nothing Greece, which is actually good for any works. They, somehow play music which do not make me nervous, or how to say. Even at home off radio plays whole day as a ambient listening. But sometimes Friday night, off radio can make thicker show! I like it.

Classical Jazz Radio (Canada), MP3 192kb/s

FIP, Radio France app for iPad (or Android).
All the usual music genres plus cultural, history, live concerts (which can be paused), podcasts, movie soundtracks. No useless chitchat in any of the music genre channels.
The channel/s are funded by the French government so quality is high.

"The Radio France application allows you to listen to all the radio, podcasts and music from France Inter, France Culture, France Musique, Mouv’, Fip, Franceinfo & France Bleu.

Listen to live radio with just one click. Find all your favorite shows and podcasts, follow live news and listen to unlimited music! Rock, classical, rap, jazz, electro, pop… wherever you are."


• Listen in high definition to all your radio programs (France Culture, France Musique, Mouv’, FIP, France Info, France Inter, etc.)

• Follow all the news live at any time of the day

• Discover thematic music radio stations (classical, pop, jazz, rock, etc.)

• Find your favorite shows (Sensitive Affairs, Les pieds sur terre, Le moment Meurice…)

• Take control of the live broadcast: pause a live broadcast, resume it later or from the beginning"

I’ve not listened to RP or Pinguin Radio since installing this on the iPad many a month ago.


I’m quite liking Radio Meuh at the moment. French channel.

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I have listened to this quite a lot lately:

METHOD: Provide a passive listening experience that is enjoyable to existing Prog fans, while helping those new to Prog discover music and artists.

SLOGAN: “Honoring the Past. Spotlighting the Present. Inspiring the Future.”

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Hi I’m a newcomer in this blog.
Many thanks for sharing your experience. Being fond of Jazz myself, these are the radio stations I listen to very regularly : SuperStereo7, Mother Earth Jazz (both in 24 bits), Jazz24, FIP Jazz and Czech Radio CRo jazz. All of them eclectic and without adverts


Hi Naim community members, I’d like to raise the issue of the German radio station Mother Earth Jazz which doesn’t appear in the list proposed by Naim while the three others of the brand Mother Earth are in it (Mother Earth klassik, Mother Earth radio, Mother Earth Instrumental). After I sent Naim the data of this station, I could get it personally and it appears now in my added stations but without the picture. The sound quality is very high : FLAC 192 kHz 24 bits and the programming is very eclectic. I sent VTuner a request so they add this radio station in their list but up to now I still didn’t see it. In my opinion it’s a pity that such a high quality HiRes radio station doesn’t appear in the VTuner and Naim preregistered lists.

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Perhaps @Stevesky can assist in sorting it.

VTuner never respond to anyone else - you are wasting your time with them.


Mother Earth Jazz - URL info

FLAC 24-bit/192kHz Streaming URL:

AAC 320kbps Streaming URL:

MP3 320kbps Streaming URL:


Thanks a lot Paul

ALR Jazz abaco - one of my favourite jazz stations seems to be down at the moment.
It is playing on their website but not on any of the streams I have (or on Airable or base vTuner).
Will give it 24 hours and then report it.

UPDATE It’s back obviously a temporary glitch.

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Can anyone please help me and tell me the “url” for this radio station.

Thank you.

Thank you. Using them to Naim via Roon. Great choice of music and quality streams.
nb for klassik and instrumental just substitute these names for jazz in above urls.


I tried it now: streaming with Bluos works normally

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Hi @NiceGuy59

If the planets have aligned properly, Mother Earth Jazz should now be in Naim Hidef section of VTuner,



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