Best internet radio anyone?

Hi @Paul_C

I’ll do a little Sunday morning and coffee binge on those URL’s and bother VTuner accordingly.




JEMP radio for Phish and Grateful Dead
There’s even a Goose hour called Honk Nation (not really a fan)

They play killer jam rock, I think it’s NY state based

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High Res Audio is reporting
" SuperStereo Chile suffers damaging flood.
We are currently broadcasting with our emergency transmitter on channel 1 from another location, we hope to be back as soon as possible, at least it will be about 5 days before that.”

UPDATE 31/03/2024 - Everything seems to be back now.

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See above SuperStereo currently have an outage problem.

Steve How did yo get on?
Also Superstereo outage is sorted now.

Hi @Paul_C

  • Superstereo streams in HD section are now fixed.
  • ALR Jazz - fixed

The rest - work in progress….




Hi all,
My favorite station is somafm groove salad.
Listen mainly via Roon as you can see the artist (note, via TuneIn it even shows album cover)

My question is regarding the flac version of the stream via;

I seem not able to get this stream to work, nor via Roon, nor via vtuner, any guidance?


The issue is it is a .m3u8 format.
SomaFM are experimenting with the dreaded hls formats.
You could contact SomaFM to see if they have an alternative flac direct stream link.

Try the mp3-256 link instead which works (obviously not flac).

ALR Jazz stream seems to down at the moment but is OK on their website.

UPDATE: No it’s fine - just me or my system having a senior moment.

In addition to usual Radio Paradise and Swiss Radio options, mix it up with Mancode Radio and KRWV-FM.