Best internet radio anyone?

@Stevesky are you sure you checked the right station? So ABC Lounge Web Radio? It seems not to work for others as well. My only option that does work is AirPlay. :iphone:

Abc lounge isn’t working on vtuner here in France, but is working on tunein.

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Best internet tadio station for Techno is Ru101NRJ Techno. Russian based. Go check it out.

Sounds amazing on all systems!

Just in case it helps anyone … ABC Lounge direct stream URL is (currently at least)

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Hi @afgverhart

I think I see the problem.

VTuner have the url as http which doesn’t work. However, their test client automatically modifies the url to try https that does work.

Will contact vtuner and ask them to modify their url.



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Why don’t vTuner have automated station URL availability scanning?

Would stop all this nonsense by quickly flagging up (to the vTuner staff member) when URLs go bad.

Given the vTuner station list is a big blob of json/xml (can’t remember which) it would be a trivial script.

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Hi @afgverhart

The https/http url issue on Abc Lounge should be now fixed at VTuner



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Excellent. Will try when I get back from work. Thank you so much for your efforts!

Nice one :sunglasses:

We have a new internet onlyDanish station: We have a new internet only Danish radio, partly funded but also with a free stream:
Currently not listed at vtuner.

The stream to use should be:

Trying to add it manually to vtuner fails, that is I can log in with my mac address but adding stations seems to require email login and tvuner has decided not to use the current or changed password even though I get a temporary password from them, but that is not accepted when the login is required to add a new station. The history with vtuner most likely suggests that a new aggrigator will be found before this problem is solved.

And it works again! Thank you so much @Stevesky

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When SWMBO is at a meeting :laughing:

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Two newish SuperStereo channels-

SuperStereo 1+ (Santiago, Chile) (flac) - Disco,Soul &Funk

SuperStereo 4+ (Santiago, Chile) (flac) - Ballads & Latin Pop 80’s, 90’s

These are the CD quality streams which are the most compatible.

logo aplicacion 256x256

@Stevesky did vTuner fix the outstanding other stations below and previously reported?

Relaxing Jazz - URL
Boom Rock - URL
Vibez Urban - URL
Octave Radio - URL
Fix radio - URL
Feeling Floyd Rock - URL
Superstereo 5 - URL
Superstereo 6 - URL
Superstereo 7 - URL

Yes, Austin Blues Radio has been taken off-air permanently, alas. Alternatives are Classic 21 Blues Radio (Belgium) or Jus’ Blues Radio.

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Thanks for the suggestions, Paul_C, much appreciated.

The BBC world service is no longer available in Canada. It constantly repeats a message that it is not available due to licensing or a technical issue.
I can’t find any information on the BBC website.
Does anyone have any further information?

You can hear BBC World Service via browser at BBC World Service Online - Schedules or use the BBC Sounds app with free account.

I have listened to Kool London, previously known as Kool FM since 1991. Was 94.5FM. First pirate station to play hardcore and jungle!

Used to listen on my Alba ghettoblaster!

Exactly the same on