Best Preamp for 250

Hello again
So I have just purchased a demo 250 from a shop in the UK and now need to power it and get a pre amp. I am new to this brand and understand there is a learning curve with the terminology.
What would be the best way to pair it taking budget into account.
I was hoping to pair it with a 252 and supercap DR but was too late with a second hand bargain.
So do I opt for an older supercap 2 and 252 or a very new 282. Or should I keep looking for the supercap DR and put this with the 282? So basically what is the best power supply/Pre amp for the 250.
The speakers are B&W 804D3. Rega Planer 3 and clear audio. Krell cd player.
Thanks for looking.

Hi Steve, its down to preferences…i chose the 252 over the 282 and waited until my dealer was ready to let his 252/SC go ex demo.

It really depends on how much you want to spend and what sound you like. You mention ‘and power it’ in relation to the 250. The 250 is self powered but cannot power a preamp. The cheapest good match is a 282 and Hicap DR. Then there is the 282/Supercap and then the 252/Supercap. Choose whichever you like.

Remember that the performance of your Naim will be strongly affected by what it’s sitting on, and the various cables. Have you addressed these?

Another option is the 272 preamp. It mates well with the 250DR and would give streaming and internet radio, if those are of interest to you. It is self powered and you can add a power supply to raise its performance if you wish.

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Used 252 and supercap from a trusted source would be fine. Wish I had known about used quality when I bought my first Naim

Hi Gazza
Thanks for the reply,good option.

Thanks Hungryhalibut
I meant to say power the pre amp.You didn’t mention weather the supercap should be a Dr or not,is there much of a difference?

Forgot to mention I have good cables and interconnects which are Ansus.I may have another problem in that I use some balanced cables which I don’t thin Naim Accept

Hi Tim
Can you elaborate a little on that please.
Is it because the units were older? Do the units deteriorate with age?
thanks Steve

One thing that always comes out in threads like this, especially when it comes to preamps and their PSUs, is that is never universal agreement about what is the best option. So you may consider anything from 282/Hicap to 552, but unless you listen for yourself first, you’ll never know what the best option for you will be.
As for cables, Naim supply all the cables you need with their stuff, so I would suggest using these to get started. Dabble with cable upgrades later if you feel the urge.

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What I meant is I bought new - but would in the long run have done better to buy used (unless with a good deal you can benefit from newer items). They do deteriorate but it is still possible to service (nearly?) everything Naim ever made. Which means that used gear holds its value very well meaning that if you buy well, used can work out to be astonishing value for money. Hope that clarifies things!

Thanks Tim
I just missed a 252 and Supercap DR for K5.5 So I was wondering about the quality of older units in the same price bracket.
Thanks for the clarification.

Thanks Chris
My Problem is there is no place that have Naim on Demo here.

Whereabouts are you? Local naim dealer may deal in used or be able to point you at something from one of their customers

DR stuff is significantly better in my experience. You didn’t mention your stand - do you have something decent?

There are people using Nac 72 + Hicap DR + 250DR.

Bar the 250 DR, I can confirm it is nice.

Hi Tim
in Dublin And not really anyone doing second hand/ex Dem.

This might get deleted before you see it but, acoustica in Chester and Moorgate in Sheffield shift p/x stuff via eBay, and Tom Tom (Hertfordshire) and Cymbiosis (leics) have used stock that they will shop and take p/x against. All safe/trustworthy

Tim, you’re fine with general dealer recommendations. It’s specific steering towards a particular item that falls foul of forum AUP - too easily abused!


Thanks :slight_smile:

If money is an issue then 282 SC 2 or even late Olive SC if you don’t mind mix and matching styles. If you then want to trade up your 282 for a 252 you already have a SC.

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