Best quality on Naim Uniti Atom - No Tidal Master? Really?

Hello! I was so happy with my new Naim Uniti Atom until I noticed “Tida” information on the screen. I only see 44.1khz / 16bit … Really? I usually listen to Tidal’s Master audio quality on my headphones … Hmm …

Ok, that news does not feel very good, then I tried to transfer the master quality via AirPlay from my iPhone … Then a message on Tidal: “The record label does not allow the transmission of this song” ¿¡¡Really? !!! ??? But this is no better than CD quality! In 2021 ?! In a 3000 us team???

Ok, I found out that the alternative is to buy DSD or Aiff albums (not in the highest quality) … Ok, I buy an Aiff and One DSD but there is no cover on the DSD album … What!!! Joke? … I tried to fix it with some software but, it doesn’t work …

It’s like encouraging piracy, don’t you think? I thought the product I buy qualifies as a 10, but now I think it is more like a 5. What do you think? How do you deal with these problems?

Hello @ruboc

I’ll try to address a few of your points:

  1. There is a lot of ongoing debate about the actual sound quality of MQA that you might want to catch up on:
  1. The fact that you can’t seem to include album art with some of your music is likely not a shortcoming of the Atom but a lack of understanding on your side how to achieve this. It’s not valid criticism of the device.

  2. Airplay doesn’t support high resolution audio so the message about the record label not allowing transmission is not relevant to the problem.

  3. No it’s not encouraging piracy, because pirating music wouldn’t solve any of the issues you are facing here.


So you’re perfectly happy with the sound? Great! Is there really a problem then?

Note that there’s no concensus as to whether any hi-res improvements are actually audible. Differences people hear could be related to different masters or just placebo. The CD resolution wasn’t chosen at random.

I think that’s no longer true for Airplay2, but not a 100% sure.


Apple’s AirPlay 2 protocol downsamples audio files to 24-bit 44.1 kHz, so while it can play back higher resolutions it will downsample them. 96khz or 192khz sampling rates are not supported unfortunately.


Naim and others view on MPA is known and has been the same for years. Of course it is not announced each day unlike the mpa campaine claiming mpa is the best you can get highres in a compressed format. But if mpa is your thing Naim is the wrong anser. If you are after highres you can change from Tidal cto qobuz. LiIn my view life is too short to worry about a commercial compressed highres format when you can get the real thing online streaming or offline streaming locally.

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Hello ruboc and welcome to the Forums.

To add to the points already made, there are numerous ways to enjoy true high-resolution music - including DSD, WAV and FLAC files - on your Uniti Atom, which i’m delighted you’re otherwise happy with. The Naim streaming platform can play a huge range of music formats in up to 32bit/384kHz.

If it’s a streaming service you’re after, Qobuz offers the widest range of high-resolution music, if that’s available in your territory. You can access it natively through the Naim App, and 30-day free trials are up for grabs.

Uniti Atom has Chromecast built-in, which supports high-resolution streaming from a range of sources/devices. (Also to further clarify, the limitation on AirPlay streaming - currently maxing at CD quality - is from Apple’s end, not ours.)

Another high-resolution option is Roon. The Uniti Atom is Roon Ready, giving you access to a wide range of streaming options. Again, free trials are available from Roon.

You can also playback high-resolution files from USB sticks/drives attached to the Uniti Atom’s USB input, or you can stream them wirelessly via UPnP from any suitable device (eg NAS drive, computer).


Yes, I try, another frustrating thing, qobuz is not available in my country(Chile) :sweat: Unfortunately

Thanks for your kindness, unfortunately Qobuz is available in my country(Chile), i already try :cry:

I did not buy the streamer tu use it with airplay in any case, my attempt was only because I noticed that Tidal was not playing as “Master”.

As for room, for that I need another machine, right? to act as a kind of server?

As for USB, i did it, it worked well in terms of the audio, my annoyance in that sense was due to the matter of the album art, which in the DSDs is not shown, I checked the files and they have the cover included from the store, I tried to lower the size as like some peoples indicated, but it didn’t work, I found a tool called bliss that supposedly fixes those problems, but neither.

Is not available in my country yet :sweat: unfortunately

Try this with the album art:

No album artwork is showing on the screen.
naim Uniti Atom

1. The music being played may have no artwork associated with it.
2. You can try to find album artwork using the Lookup metadata tool in the Edit Metadata menu. Navigate to the specific track or album.
3. Touch the … icon next to the album.
4. Touch Edit metadata.
5. Touch Lookup metadata.
6. The Naim app will perform a metadata search for Album and Track titles and Album artwork.

With Roon, the Atom is Roon Ready - so is a Roon Endpoint. You just need a device to run the server software - the Roon Core. This can be your computer, or certain NAS drives - doesn’t have to be a bespoke device.

Thanks, I read that all ready, and the question is: What icon!? I try to upload/attached a video for you, but it’s not allowed in this forum system, look please this screenshots: …mmm… no image allowed neither(because I’m new user :roll_eyes:)… ok, look this link:

If you set the view to list instead of grid, you should see the 3-dot meta menus:

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It’s this icon - circled - you’re looking for
Atom icon

No you can’t it drops to Hifi when using Chromecast option in the Tidal app.

Naim also do not support MQA via Tidal Connect they have said as much all ready. There systems don’t support MQA rendering.

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That button only change the size and nothings appear o change expected the size, I try it before :man_shrugging:t2: I have an iPhone 11 pro Max and I downloaded the app on monday, I downloaded the app too in my iPad, nothings seems to work

Nothing happens in any way,

You are inside the album view (track listing) there, the 3-dot icons should be visible one level up in the folder listing.

That is on Android at least, i have no experience with IOS so it could perhaps be different there.

No dots. Maybe is the app developer, because the button only change the size of the file view in my iPhone and iPad

I see @ruboc… i’m not really familiar with these functions myself, so i think we may have to call on @Naim.Marketing for some extra guidance in that case. :slight_smile:

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Have you asked qobuz if there are plans for opening the service in Chili? For a long time it seemed that they did not expand to new countries, but they have recently expanded to countries, although this was an expantion they had promised over 5 years ago. Otherwise there are ways to get qobuz working, google surely can find out how to do that.

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