Better in Tidal? RHCP BSSM ALBUM

I’m noticing, the hifi world is pain. :joy:

First I suffered from “not displaying art cover in DSD files on Atom Uniti and troubles whit the metadata on the Naim app” case:

Best quality on Naim Uniti Atom - No Tidal Master? Really? - Streaming Audio - Naim Audio - Community

Now is a different situation, I bought trough ProStudioMaster the AIFF 96khz /24 bit Blood Sugar sex magic from RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS album and I feel it a little stressful… Yes, I Know, maybe is too much energy on tape then to digital and is not jazz… but I feel something strange on high frequencies drums, sometimes in the hithat, sounds a little bit like the mp3 compression distortion, is notable in “Give it Away” song then I do the exercise to listen the same track on Tidal and surprise, sounds better only in hifi streaming format, not even on master… so… what’s happens here?

Was the wav file from the record company to Tidal in better quality? So… The MQA master file sounds better than the AIFF 96/24?

The AIFF file is a 2011 re-master edition so… It’s posible than ProStudioMaster and other companies transform high quality mp3s(or other lossless file) to AIFF only because some people prefers to listen AIFF files than Flacs, maybe is not the case, but can be possible?

Unless you are using Roon or something else to unfold MQA the you are not listing to 24bit material from Tidal.

I’ve never used Prostudio but I always download FLAC from Qobuz, HiresAudio etc

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Your artwork issue need to be fixed by yourself in whatever location you store your music. MP3Tag is what I use if there are any metadata updates needed.

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I used, doesn’t work. Also I used Bliss. I change the cover to 900x900 in every file and add the cover.jpg in the folder

I’m not sure really, that is why I’m asking for opinions and information, I feel it in that way, I ear it in comparison, now I need the first CD edition.

What music server are you using to host your music?

I use a pendrive.

And the DSD files are .DSF and not .DFF?

A clear ‘image cache’ on the app may force a refresh and your cover may magically appear. :grin:

On the Uniti Atom Screen?

It on the Naim App. Click the cogwheel on the top right and it’s in the ‘other settings’ menu near the bottom.

Yeah, I can do that but…
I mean, my problem is the cover album don’t exist in the Uniti Atom screen, this fix it?

I don’t know. May be worth a go though, why would Naim provide the option? :thinking::slightly_smiling_face:

Are you viewing the music in the USB input? If so you should use the Server input, where you will see the same albums listed under Local Music, with metadata and artwork if it’s present in the files.



What do you mean by “Server input”? I just conect the ubs in the usb port on Uniti Atom

In the Naim app you should see the various inputs including USB, Internet Radio, Tidal, Servers, etc. Select ‘Servers’ there, then Local Music.

Works! Ok, then if I choose the USB doesn’t work, but if I choose servers work… weird, but work! Thanks!!

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