Best ripping software for non ripped cds

i have a melco n1a2 since yesterday. I don’t want to buy a ripper so i choose DBpoweramp.
A great box of 10 cds failed in ripping. Perhaps someone knows if other software than DBpoweramp can rip a difficult to rip cd.

Here my 10 cds box of Miles Davis in Montreux, from 1973 to 1986. My cds are in very good condition. The unitserve could rip them. ( but i didn’t managed yet to transfer from unitserve to melco).

image image

You could try eac, also known as exact audio copy. Plus there are tweaks in the settings that may work for you eg enabling burst mode. You can easily find a Web page that will explain all the options if the default settings aren’t working with these particular discs.

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free trial too? and how is itunes ripper ?

you are a Naim employee, i am very lucky. I don’t want to bother you too much. My problem is that nobody could really help me how to transfer my library from unitserve to the melco. Some say that i should use Nserve app for mac: i tried to use it and to convert wav to flac. It didn’t work.
A Naim french employee suggested me to use Naim Desktop client . To send files from unitserve to melco on the network. It didn’t work too.
Any suggestion ?

I’ve never found a CD that dBpoweramp will not rip, including Sony with anti copy encryption. I’m not at home at moment & don’t have dBpoweramp on this iPad, but look into dBpoweramp instructions & settings options, also search the dBp forum.

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dbPoweramp works great. I suggest there are other issues here like perhaps your CD ROM drive.

i choosed « flac uncompressed ». It took one hour to rip one file. When it finished, it said « inaccurate « .
I tried to listen to it, but awful sound.
Strange, because my last unitserve ripped it very nice.

but after i ripped more cds without problem.

Eac is free software so you might as well try it, though as others have said, dbpoweramp should be capable of ripping any cd. If using mac, then xld is an alternative. ITunes can rip but doesn’t allow any options as far as I recall. The others allow options depending on what your drive supports. Do you have access to another computer/cd drive you could try with these problematic cds?
I’m not in the right dept to be able to offer you guidance on your unitiserve / melco file transfer issues.

thanks Robert. I will try the Exact copy. I understand for the serve / melco. No problem.

@frenchrooster interesting read, shame the transfer is a pain.

Thanks Obsydian. The audiophile has to be a geek today.

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Lol excellent.

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Use Glass cleaner to clean CDs. Makes a big difference even on ‘clean’ discs.

i cleaned it , the second also. none of the two discs could be accurately ripped.

1 try EAC
2 try using DBPoweramp in ‘Fast’ mode (i.e. with all the fancy error detection modes turned off).

dBpoweramp is highly regarded and rightly so. Some of my CDs have been difficult, usually copy protected ones, but the software has enough settings, adjustment parameters and good quality support information to to defeat anything I’ve ever thrown at it. I use the PC version. My understanding is that the MAC version isn’t so well featured.

I didn’t get on so well with EAC - the other highly regarded ripper. Your mileage will probably vary.

… also worth trying the “Defective by Design” option

… and +1 to Harry’s post above … dBpoweramp… “…software has enough settings, adjustment parameters and good quality support information to to defeat anything I’ve ever thrown at it”
And I use the Windows (PC) version.

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Another good one to try is foobar2000

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thanks, i will try… I am using exact copy. Same file very slow progression…