Best shop for CD’s in London

Just out to pick the brains of forum members.

Planning a day out in London with my son so was wondering the best stores in London to buy 2nd hand CD’s and vinyl based on your own experiences?
Any suggestions appreciated.



If you’re near Berwick Street, find out if there’s any live music being played at The Borderline.

I saw Arthur Lee (ex Love) in there some years ago, warming up a day before he was due to appear at Glastonbury.

PS Don’t bother trying. I’ve just checked, and rising rents have forced it to close. I’ll leave my post, as a sign of respect to its past history. Lots of other live music around that area, though.

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Agree with Sister Ray, and just over the road is Reckless…both good.

There’s a good one just off the top end of Berwick St (Oxford St end, some may say it’s the bottom) - focusing on more international/world music, but for the life of me I can’t think of the name.

Haven’t been in a long while, but the jazz ‘store’ inside Foyles on Charing Cross Rd is another (I read here that it’s downsized from before).

Honest Jon’s is a legend - but again I’ve not been there for years, far too long in fact.

Happy browsing!

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Basement of ‘Music and Video Exchange’ near the tube station on Notting Hill Gate for preloved classical. Ground floor for rock, top floor for jazz. Lot’s of other stuff too.


Foyle’s on Charing Cross Rd. for new classical.

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They also have a shop in Greenwich which has a very good selection of rock vinyl and CDs, so possibly not as large as the Notting Hill shop. I always found them to be well priced.


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