Best stock turntable for SN3?

Assuming no upgrades, what’s the best turntable you’d plug and play into the phono stage of a SN3? Logic says that something like the top end MM Rega 6 would be as far as you’d go. Anybody with experience willing to weigh in here?

I use a full Klimax at Kandid level LP12 with mine but I don’t use the MM input. :+1:t2:
You can never have too much source. :wink:


I used a P10 with Exact with my SN3. I then swapped the Exact for an Apheta 3 and Aria.


I suppose the implication of the last two posts is that turntables and cartridges at that level deserve a better phono stage than the one in the SN3, so it’s beginning to look like your suggestion of an RP6 could be about right.


@ChrisSU The phono stage in the SN3 is quite good. I am using it with an Exact with no issues. I have a P9. If I were getting a new TT, I would get the P10 without hesitation with the Exact. My concern about the newer Rega TT models is they lack a dust cover. I don’t have rack space for an external phono stage


P8 with Exact. That’s what I would get if going for stock with the built in SN3 phono stage. The one thing to keep in mind though is that the Exact is a very hot cartridge at 7db gain. So hot records will distort.

The P6 or P8 might be better served with a HOMC cart like Dynavector 10x5 which has a gain of 2.5 db. Middle ground is the Ortofon 2M bronze or black that are both at 5db gain.

I’m using the internal SN3 phono stage and quite like it with the Ortofon 2M bronze cartridge. Sounds amazing on most records but does clip on high gain records, especially those with trumpet.

The new Rega MM cartridges look interesting. Include one on the best Rega you wish to pay for - 6 and above would be great.


Vertere DG.


The best Technics 1200/1210 you can afford. The GR2 probably makes the most sense, otherwise the G.

Just be aware, that with most modern MM carts the SN3 will roll off the top end because of its high input capacitance. Whether that’s an issue would depend on the state of your hearing and preference.

If you don’t mind, I would look at an Nagaoka JT-80BK, MP-500 or Ortofon 2M Bronze.


Clearaudio , you can go up to an Emotion or an LP12 at base level. Clearaudio have a Plug and Play option at over £4K , and they are very focused on MM

This. The Vertere DG-1s - comes straight out of the box with a cartridge like a Rega, but way way better.


I have to agree with @BrendanD The Vertere DG-1s is an absolute stunning TT, punches way, way above its price bracket, simple to setup and use.

I would have thought a Rega Planar 3 would be just fine.

But… YMMV.

Depends on how much the OP wants to spend. A P3 is a decent budget deck, greatly improved by changing the sub platter for a groove tracer or similar. P6 is better but more costly. Once you get to P9/10 the Vertere is much better value.

I’d first try something like a Rega P8 or P10 with the new Rega ND7 MM cartridge.


Yes. This…!

Its far to easy to spend other peoples money… :neutral_face:

Sorry Richard, I really disagree with you here.
I’ve auditioned both the DG1s and the P10 on a 222/250 and quite frankly Touraj’s design is in quite a different league. Bigger soundstage, quieter noise floor, more controlled bass, better timing. As for cartridges, the Vertere comes at base with a ‘magneto’ - a slightly tweaked AT VM540 with a conical stylus. £170 gets you a VM540ML stylus as straight swap, and that’s a sweet spot in MM cartridges. That would be my starting point…


If it’s better than the P10 it must be fabulous. I’ll have to try and get one to hear here. I just need to get my head around the looks, which I’m not crazy about…

Are you able to dem any of these suggestions? That could be good fun. Maybe bring your speakers into the dealership if they don’t have them.

I’m very happy with my RP 6 and a 2MBlack into the SN3.
I have tried an 8 with the same cartridge but couldn’t hear much of a difference.
I think I would need to go MC to justify a better deck, then I would need another phono box, which adds complexity. (Which is why I bought the SN3 in the first place)