Best stylus cleaner

The answer is science. Green Paper has a lower hardness than diamond.
Audio doesn’t usurp science.

People do seem very defensive on what they have been doing and listening to for years. Almost as though what was best then must still be now.
If advice is to be trusted, surely trust the cartridge maker, not a re seller.
Ortofon are very clear, gentle brushing, clean records and nothing else


So has vinyl.

Yup, please read up on it.

Water isn’t particularly hard, yet think of waterjet cutters, or a river deforming rocks. Hardened knives go blunt cutting soft things. When there’s abrasion, both materials wear, the softer simply wears more. How much each wears depends on it’s relative hardness to the other material. (And a few other factors like how rough either surface is, it’s elasticity etc.)

Assuming whatever is on the green paper is harder than vinyl, we can draw a conclusion I would think.

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And fine aluminium oxide paper will wear much more than diamond. Two 1cm scrapes clearly cleans the clag off when viewed before and after with a loupe.
You don’t have to use it every track just every 20 LPs or so. It removes vinyl stuck to the tip.

Cartridges are a wear item but sound much better when tracking properly with unimpeded contact with the groove. If wear bothers you don’t use vinyl.

The AT637 does a similar job, less abrasive but a higher speed. Again checked with a loupe you can see the crap removed.

When I had my LP12, I had used the Adikt and Krystal cartridges.

Never used any wet cleaning on them, (I knew that there have been some issues concerning wet cleaning on the Krystal).

Only used two methods of cleaning the stylus; the Linn Green Paper and the Onzow Zero Dust.

However, I also used an Okki Nokki RCM to together vinyl clean as well.

Never had a problem with either of these. My styli were checked by Peter Swain at Cymbiosis when the LP12 was serviced or upgraded and no issues or premature wear identified.



Who would have known it…we have greenpapergate!

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Green paper can join now the several threads to not begin to, with Ethernet cables and switches, shims on Rega turntables, Russ Andrews powerblock, non Naim speakers cables, and some others I forgot now.


Witchhat Cables!

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Yes, there is no way around that truth, clean records are absolutely essential for sound quality and longevity.

But you’re trying your best to. It doesn’t work how you apparently think it does, as explained above. :roll_eyes:

I was using green paper about 30 mins ago on my Dynavector Te Kaitora Rua, which resulted in nothing more startling than a clean stylus. So it doesn’t work only with Linn cartridges.

Wow! A clean and working stylus after using Green Paper. Who’d a thowt it? :rofl:

When cleaning the stylus use the soft brush supplied with the cartridge . Brush only from back to front to avoid damage to the stylus assembly. If a dark deposit like tan should appear on the stylus tip, always use the soft brush with a minium amount of of high quality stylus cleaning fluid.

Hi Graham. Just found this on the Dynavector website FAQ section, maybe worth a try?
The instructions also say it’s important to keep records clean as “dust is abrasive “

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I’d just about forgotten how much money I lost over the Spectre fiasco…I’d use a laughter emoji but it wouldn’t exactly be truthful. Sigh.

Spilt milk territory. My fault for not using (or indeed having) a credit card.

Linn has just released the sequel to green paper…:sunglasses:


Got to say it…love this thread!
Rational arguments, either way, on whether the green paper is the devil’s invention or the holy grail. Fun stuff!
And I bet that no one here changes their allegiance!

First time seeing this product, glue (!)… Skeptical to say the least?:thinking:

But that’s for records, not stylii. Different kind of product.

Is it a variant of the glue method perhaps? Paint a glue on the disc (can’t recall what type of glue, PVA?), let it dry, peel off - taking any dirt etc off with it. A facial mask for records…

Some enthuse over that, I’ve never had the nerve to try it. Think it’s more popular in the US but I’m not sure.

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Yes, I know, but still, surely it seems strange?:thinking: