Best stylus cleaner

Yes, exactly, glue that is poured over the vinyl which is then allowed to dry and peel off. Strange.

I’ve tried it with mixed results. Get it right and it works really well.

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Besides a carbon fibre brush I use this:


Since moving from 2M Bronze to AT-OC9XSL I’ve decided to occasionally use gel cleaner as the pointy bit is so tiny on the AT it’s difficult to see if the brush has properly cleaned it :face_with_monocle:

I know what you’re thinking - I’ll be at the green paper next :wink:


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It needs around 200 hours burn in, to be effective , in a bain marie.

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The wood glue cleaning method was an old tip from back in the day. You spread it over the disc, avoiding the label obviously, let it dry off a bit but so it’s still quite pliable, then peel off. It should then take all the dust and debris in the grooves with it.

It can work very well, as cdboy attests, but the danger is that there may be tiny bits of the solidified glue left behind at the bottom the grooves that could damage your stylus. One for the brave or foolhardy…

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I use the Onzow. I know there’s a great online controversy around it leaving residual sticky stuff on the needle. I looked at mine using a USB microscope and it looks fine, no residual.

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I use the same, does a great job, no need for abrasives


I use the same, no issue whatsoever as far I can see.

I was unaware of this one - looks good. Even though I have the Onzow I ordered it since I run an ART-9xi.

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I’ve known about the wood glue technique for years and it is something I’ll never do, partly for the reasons you suggest. It may remove stuff, but what it may leave behind might be the greater of the evils.

I use a Degritter Mk II, with two tanks. One with TrgiKleen, the other distilled water for rinse. I get great results with that.

All that’s required :+1:t2:

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Indeed, I do use an RCM to keep the disc’s clean as well


Those carbon stylus brushes are pretty standard. I have bazillion of them around. Even my pricey Dynavector and Lyra cartridges include them.

I use a different soft brush (included) for the Lyra SPT stylus wet cleaner.

I’m so impressed by the OC9XSL I can see me going for an ART9XI when the time comes. I see you’re using a 32.5 and am wondering what phono boards/stage you have ?

Apparently safe enough for use even for the ART1000 (the one with the coils at the stylus end) so the rest of us mere mortals should be fine.

I think that was discovered to be an issue with the longevity of the material. So you should be fine as long as you replace it every X years, I can’t remember the time frame though.

If you do replace it, consider getting Moongel pads, essentially the same thing, but as not marketed to audiophiles much cheaper.

Linn Green stuff.


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I used to use the Onzow Zerodust with no issues

Additionally I did also use an Okki Nokki RCM.


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