BETA - Forum Feedback


This new forum includes a whole host of new features and improvements. We would appreciate your feedback on all areas of functionality. Please post any feedback or questions you have on this thread and as always we thank you for your time and help.

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So far so OK. It’s a tad annoying that usernames can’t include spaces. Makes it a bit geeky-looking. Except, of course, for those millennials whose parents gave them a middle name of “.” or “@” :grinning:

P.S. Don’t let Mike-B see all those emoticons!
P.P.S. Editing works.
P.P.P.S. Editing still working after 34 minutes


Breadcrumb links. Please, let’s have them back! Otherwise navigating is a PITA.


Thanks for the invite, seem to have registered successfully I think. I was prompted to open an app called DiscourseHub but couldn’t see any way to access this forum through it?


Can’t seem to upload a profile picture. I’m using Chrome Windows 10.


If you download the discourse app you can add and you will be able to access it easily in the app.


Liking it so far but seems rather alien. I remember when the forum was upgraded before it felt a bit like this, I am sure I will soon get used to it.

Image uploads are good, just posted a picture with a new post in Hifi Corner


And how the heck do I do that? I see no links, I wasn’t invited to add it, I can see no App in the Windows Store.


Got it, thanks. Seems to work OK :relaxed:


I was prompted to add it on iPhone, maybe it’s just an iOS app?


Properly registered, first test reply. Like @ChrisSU (@ works) I was asked about app… will install next but trying via browser on iPhone.

Regards alan

ps - edit works; looks like same forum software as Roon Community, so that’s a win


What is the discourse app? Is it just for IOS? I am using Mac OS currently.:star_struck:


It’s the mobile app. I have just installed it on my Android phone and it seems to be working well.


Ta. No need for Asgaard to worry then :slight_smile:


You have to add the site

I’m using the app now.


Not very familiar with the format but I do like the look.


This is going to take some getting used to.



I like the facility to unpin topics from top of the list like the forum rules. These could become a nuisance in the old forum, especially if some pruning was overlooked.


I notice that if somebody uses an emoji in their reply, the notification email doesn’t display it, just the text.

Probably not a great issue until Peder is let loose on the new platform :grinning:.