Bid on NAC 282 when drunk (my birthday..) - will this pair well with a NAP 200 non DR Thanks

Bid on NAC 282 when drunk (my birthday…) - will this pair well with a 200?? Thanks


Ha ha. Classic! I’ve done that a few times.

Not to worry, the 282 will work very well with a 200.

At a show a couple of years ago Naim were showing a streamer through a 282 and power amp into Focals. I asked Naim’s Mark Raggett where they’d hidden the PSU for the pre, assuming it was a 250 power amp, as it sounded excellent. He smiled and told me it was a 200 powering the 282, I was very impressed. So based on that experience I’d say you’ve got a great combination.

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A NAC282 and NAP200 is an excellent pairing.

I was very happy with my 282/200, although it was the DR version. Still, I’m sure you’ll still enjoy yours. A HicapDR would be very worthwhile as a next step, though.

Oh, forgot to say Happy Birthday. :champagne:

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That’s the set I had, very nice. Happy birthday!

Hahaha, happy birthday!

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Excellent drunk purchase! I’d like a 282 next for my system. Gonna have to wait tho :slightly_frowning_face:

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When is your birthday? And have you got enough booze in? :grinning:

You could always get drunk again and get a NAP300 of course!


Fantastic! Happy birthday!! Enjoy :wink:

On partner’s birthday. “Oh a HiCap for your 282, you really shouldn’t have. :rage:”. “But dear, the 300 DR I bought us can’t power the 282.”

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Happy Birthday, cheers, salut, and I’m sorry. Did I cover all the bases?

Ran that pairing for many years. Superb. In fact I preferred the 200 to the old non DR 250.



Great birthday present. Al the best :+1:

Emphatically yes but the 282 really needs a HiCap IMO. It’ll work being driven from the 200 but you’re missing out on so much.

I run 282 + Non DR HiCap and Non DR 200. It sounds rather good.

May, and no, not nearly enough for a 282 :rofl:

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Thank you all for your comments…I feel utterly grim this morning, (cheers Lagavulin) but some consolation is that 282 might be coming my way…the overwhelming response is that it is a good match for the 200, so fingers crossed!

Happy Birthday. It could have been worse; I once bought a six foot tall, octagonal aquarium under similar circumstances!