🔥 Big, Big Fires In Sweden

Valborg-Celebration on the Mining-mountain in Boden,.my hometown.

:small_blue_diamond:Every year this date (today 30/4),in the evening…we celebrate in Sweden something called…
“Valborgsmässo-afton” in Swedish.
Then we light these big fires around Sweden.
This is also celebrated in some other countries,.including Germany.

:black_small_square:For the first time we went up on the Mine-mountain outside Boden for a Valborg-Celebration.
It was well worth the visit,great fire and a beautiful view over Boden.
In addition,.nice barbecue-fires,…so it was a big shot!

Around the city,.there are plenty of such great fires tonight.
Also right in the centre of Boden.


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It is actually to scare off predators, trolls and stuff, an old tradition since the middle ages. And maybe one or other MQA-enthusiast, who knows :slight_smile:

To do it these days when we have a problem with forest fires is made worse by the fact that this event is also an excuse to over-consume alcohol.

Hmmmmm…trolls…could be useful :thinking:


Do Swedes need an excuse?

Prejudice,.Prejudice :grin::joy::grin:.


:small_blue_diamond:Jan,…Then we get to fire properly tonight :rofl::sunglasses:.

Jan,.I think it also had something to do with witches.


It’s always easier to take the first drink with a good reason. Thereafter we do not need reasons :innocent:


:small_blue_diamond:Earlier when I was younger,.we also had fireworks,.rockets and firecrackers in the evening.
But we do not have this any longer.


new year in Australia


apparently, from what i read after, these are not fireworks, but natural sky phenomenon which is celebrated each year, with some alcohol of course…
You can choose -40 C ( Sweden) or + 40 C ( Australia).

Do the fireworks last longer at colder temperatures? :wink:

Don’t worry it’s cooling down hear, last night got down to 12c overnight, got us reaching for the second blanket🥶

I’ll be in Paris and the South of France in June hopefully the wine and the weather is fine. :+1:

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I love these Swedish traditions. When I was working for your big network company I stayed often in Stockholm. I was completely unaware of St Lucia and suddenly a choir started singing 4 part harmonized st Lucia songs in the hotel lobby.

It was surreal and I won’t forget.

I have a background in music so I was really surprised that I wasn’t aware of this tradition.

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I’d like to add that you should be proud of your singing culture. It is fading away in Europe headed by the decline of the church, and that is unfortunate.

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you should ask a scientist better. These “ fireworks “ in Australia are natural sky phenomenons. If cold, they couldn’t be celebrated in a water with beer…

probably the best month to go in France. You will have nice weather and not too many people, like in July and August.

No, Brits don’t need any excuse!

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This is the way to celebrate 1st of May

1st May 2018 in Paris

Oh dear, that is rather different from Peder’s big fires.