Binge Worthy TV Series

The Boys on Amazon; bloody good. This series takes superhero tropes and points out the obvious flaws in the genre, whilst also asking what would happen if you took flawed humans and gave them god like powers.

Jessica Jones on Netflix. I think of all the Marvel series on Netflix this is my favourite. A very flawed superhero faced by some very well written competition.

The Orville. Looking for Star Trek? Forget Star Trek Discovery which is just a mess, and being sued for plagerising a computer game, and get behind this; good fun.

The Expanse, now on Amazon. This is superb science fiction written by the authors of the book series, just going into season 4 and already renewed for season 5. If you are looking for something based in space that looks more real and gritty this is it - with some good murder mystery thrown in.



Superbly inventive, and oh so dark. God has gone AWOL, and now the Power of God is on the loose and looking for a host.

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Trailer Park Boys. Only just picked up on this bad lad but its easy watching and very funny!


Dark (Netflix). Absolutely peerless. Though binge watching is impossible. It’s so complex and textured, I had to absorb each episode over a couple days before I was ready for the next. I’ve never experienced that before.


Secret City on Netflix. A good Ausie Thriller series with amazing cinematography.
Pine Gap on Netflix. Another cool Ausie series.
Janet King on Netflix. More Ausie quality.
Vikings on Netflix. Its just Cool!

Just started series one this evening … very thought provoking … good shout, Zen. :+1:

Yes superb stumbled across this, excellent as is the new Win Assassins.

Yep i agree with that, got the blue-ray from love film and watched the whole 1 and 2 series recently. Series 1 was among the best sci-fi i had ever seen, just amazing realism and acting with great locations nas well. Series 2 was good as well, but can it get any better.

Below the Surface


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Not the abortion of a two hour cut but the full 1980 ten hour series. One of the best book adaptations I have seen. Richard Chamberlain, Tishiro Mifune & John Rhys-Davis.



Ozark will keep you watching.


I’ve just finished watching “12 Monkeys” on Amazon Prime. It’s addictive!

Just binge-watched ‘The Boys’ on Amazon Prime. An adult-take to rival Marvel’s super heroes. Some interesting twists & turns along the way. Karl Urban has some fun.


Life is too short to watch TV, let alone “binge”.


I am confused GRAEMH, did you name the wrong series at first? I ask because I downloaded it, and watched the first episode, but it is in Dutch with English subtitles, which really bothers me having to read it as I watch. The one I have is about these guys that hijack a subway train, and hold the passengers hostage, is that the one?

Yes - That’s season 1. Season 2, running on BBC now, is set on a Ferry.

Sorry for the confusion it is in fact ‘Below’. Beneath is another series altogether.





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We have now seen series 1 and are scorching through series 2, followed by 3 & 4.

The level of skullduggery matches House of Cards, as the head of a New York hedge fund (boo!) tries to outwit a ruthless US Attorney who is determined to bring him down.

The cast is superb, especially Damian Lewis (head of the hedge fund), Paul Giamatti (US Attorney) and Maggie Siff (wife of US Attorney who happens to work for Damian Lewis…).


  1. Taboo Season 1 - Tom Hardy at his best - set in 1800’s England.
  2. The Terror Season 1- again set in the 1800’s About the search for the North West Passage in North America.

Both fine TV shows that were very addictive watching and above average production values , plot, acting atc.

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Completed watching both series earlier today … brilliant TV, and very involving … though not a casual watch, as you really do need to pay attention, otherwise the whole thing will seem completely baffling.

11/10 on the enjoyability scale. :+1: