Binge Worthy TV Series

We binged it last week and enjoyed it as well. The episodes out of sync work well although I’d definitely save the “white” episode for last if possible. Well worth the effort.

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Recorded the latest Strike _ Troubled Blood, didn’t binge the first couple of episodes , did the last two - excellent . Didn’t see the end coming


Yes, enjoyed that series,

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Not sure if this classifies as binge worthy but we always enjoy watching the ARTE concert on Sunday evening

ARTE concert 19-Feb-2023

Unforgotten starts Monday -sans Nicola Walker .

I will binge watch it


Alice in Border land on Netflix

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It’s a little “old” now, but Apple TV+'s Tehran series is really good.


When I heard that they were making a new season we we’re trying to figure out how they’d bring Nicola back. :grin:

Mad Men.

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Anyone in particular :grin:

Just completed Forgotten (oops no unforgotten) tonight. Maybe it was just us but it’s lost something since the earlier series


The Bay.

Spiral - on Amazon prime - French police drama with subtitles. It’s good - very good


Agreed. It’s gone all soap opera.


Forgotten? Or Unforgotten?

‘Redemption’ on ITV isn’t bad. A few plot holes, but well acted plot holes.


Just finished it last night. Disappointing I thought. Plot has more holes than a colander and leaves you wondering why? Lack of chemistry between the two leads does not help; it all feels rather manufactured.


It’s not available here yet so I don’t think I’ll bother. Cheers.

Four episodes in ,two (I think to go) . A weekend’s viewing

Wonderful series with the new lass Jesse James