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Yup agree… BHG

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My 1st impression was the bill shape and curvature looks tern. Also wing span compared to body size.
But plumage is BHG.

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Thanks. I hadn’t considered black headed gull, due to the fact they don’t have a black head. :grin:

They were hovering in the wind, their eyes fixed on food my wife had thrown on the ground.

That’s the best confirmation ever, BHG.
Only bettered by herring gulls as eat anything garbage disposal sh*te hawks.

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It gets better, black-headed gulls in summer actually have a dark chocolate colour head, where as little gulls in summer do indeed have back heads…

A picture of two black-headed gulls I took this summer with full summer plumage.


I’ve always thought they would be better called black faced gull as it’s only the front of the head that’s black. But hey ho, lots of odd & illogical names around the bird world.
The full black head is of course the Mediterranean gull


Ahh but white eye ring.:wink:. For FULL black try

NB not my pic… courtesy of Wikipedia.

:innocent:. That said I hate Gull ID ….

Indeed you beat me to it with the Little Gull with the black head covering… but blackish pointed bill,I love gull ID, because it can be so difficult!.. with plumages changing with seasons, year one and two juveniles, breeding and non breeding… and natural species variation… and there are some rare species out there too such as the yellow legged gulll… with a yellow /orange eye ring…

I took this Image locally in July.

I also find the sounds are very helpful, and the Mediterranean Gull has quite a distinctive call.

A herring gull passing from adolescent plumage to adult plumage… with mix of feathers …



Now that’s why I hate gull ID… lesser BBG looks v similar!

Edit referring to first shot as I see you have added a second

They do up here ! ……:slightly_smiling_face:

Edit. Simon can’t keep up with your edits !:wink:
Edit. Nice pics by the way

Indeed, but the legs and eye rings are not as pronounced. Lesser black backed gulls also I think tend to have darker backs.

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Yes lesser back backed gulls don’t have as much of an orange/yellow eye ring.
I think yellow legged gulls do look quite striking with their eye ring surrounds.
Thanks for compliment about pictures… bit of a passion taking pictures of sea and river birds… great way to relax and enjoy nature, and blessed with great opportunity where I live.

@ChifChaf … The reason I suggested the full black head of the Mediterranean Gull is it’s a UK breeding resident, the Little Gull is coastal passage only.

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The tiny Zorro was trying his best today to avoid eye contact with me, or more precisely, with my 300 mm lens.

A Cedar Waxwing on a grey day.


I think I saw something else…


A dismal weather day in the mountains today; but, at least I managed to get a shot of this male Ptarmigan, who kindly flew towards me and landed in full view.





Sandhill Cranes are heading south today by their hundreds and everyone of them has something to say…