Birding Time, Your local and international patch…

I agree it could be redwing, the darker colour head side looks to be more redwing, but the light grey under belly is more fieldfare as redwing underbelly tends to be spotted to the rear of the legs.

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If only birds would wear labels for me……especially all those small wading ones😬


It’s a difficult one Mike, some birds don’t make for easy id on a photo… I’d say this is one such case. Always easier from life, in this add the actual size of the bird would likely be proof in itself.
@Timbo… now go and get a better pic😉

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Gazza pretty soon you’ll just touch the side of your head and some IA program will place an identification bubble along side the bird in flight. I’m sure those tech heads in Silicon Valley are working on it now.

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Here is a bigger version.

I think there were both types of birds where I was walking and the one below was definitely a Redwing.

I will try and get a better version next time I’m out.



Both redwing, I think. Nice photographs.

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Eye of the needle

Last feeding of the egret before sundown. It is becoming more challenging with the ice buildup on the pond’s surface.


Picky Picky

Winter fruits for the Cedar Waxing.


Very envious! Nice bird and pic

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Thanks. There were four or five of them, all very busy, hopping from sunny spots to the shades where they lost most of their coloring. Finally this guy parked for a second or so catching the sun’s reflection in his eye.

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Don’t break my concentration


A very cold evening with a pale sinking sun. A Red-tail hawk was very kind to let me follow her from tree to tree while hunting for dinner. On her fourth dive to the ground she finally caught a field mouse and I made sure to keep my distance not wanting to cause any indigestion.


Less exciting, but some nice posing going on earlier…



There is no way…

…that the little guy, a male Belted-Kingfisher sitting on a beaver’s habitat, will ever let me get close to him despite the fact that we meet almsot every day at the same spot.


Again, not particularly exotic, however this little Reed Bunting was mooching around for a few minutes and she seemed quite oblivious to my presence! Made a difference from the usual Tits and Sparras. Brought camera up to my eye in super slow motion…


Had to resort to blatant bribery for the Blackcap…


Hi @Jamiewednesday
Don’t think this is a Black Cap… more likely a Marsh Tit. The former does not have a black bib just FYI
Regards ……
Good quality pics !

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Indeed, my mistake!

Yes,…….but you made him happy, not a bad thing to do……and great photo.
I bought a new great tit nest box before Xmas, we had our first visitor today that we have seen. No decent cameras though, so keep them coming👍

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