Birding Time, Your local and international patch…

From very far

…a male Baltimore Oriole . Very restless, perhaps sensing the downpour which drenched everything fifteen minutes later. The bird had received its name from the resemblance of the male’s colors to those on the coat-of-arms of the 17th-century Lord Baltimore.



Tsk-Tsk…Eating with their mouths open.


My alarm clock. He starts just before sunrise and doesn’t let up for most of the day. Ain’t complaining as its such a pleasant sound and sight. Sorry about the focus.


That eye is piercing - I see why that’s one of Chris Packham’s favourite ‘bird things’. Spot on focus, nice capture! :ok_hand:

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Nice bokeh! :ok_hand:

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A Cooper’s hawk taking off, near my home 2 days ago.


A few days ago my pet wood pigeon turned up.

He seems to be taking advantage of the fact, the male that usually controls my garden (as far as pigeons are concerned), is otherwise occupied.

He used to control my garden for many years, but got kicked off by a younger/stronger pigeon about three years ago.

He visited once last year with a group of four pigeons, but didn’t stick around.

Looking back at my photos, he was in the garden in Oct 2013, so he’s at least 10 years old. Wikipedia states they typically live 3 years. So, he’s not doing too bad.

Oct 2013


I think it is his great great grandson.

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Baby Robin

Too young to be fearful and with a most gentle tweet.


An early bird…


Discovered a wood pigeon nest in the garden this morning.

First time I’ve seen a nest in the wild cherry tree. It’s going to get very busy in there when the cherries appear next month. :hear_no_evil:


Can you give me any views regarding Topaz Photo AI ?
‘We’ll’ give Sheff. Utd. a goal start on Saturday if u can… :rofl:

I tried it and found it a bit ‘strong’, always having to dial it down somewhat so figured, what’s the point?! Not a fan personally.

I do use the Denoise AI but I noticed that started turning things a bit ‘waxy’, it also alters the colour/brightness a bit, so you have to back up a little on the image produced. It is useful though but I think it’s less good than it was.

From what I’ve read, others may be better, On1 from memory, but not tried it.

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Common round here today, a wetncoldfinch…


Bucking the sun


My suggestion to turn towards the low sun so we can appreciate his bright yellow eyes as well as the rest of his heron colourings took a very long time to sink in… Next time I will bring a tripod with me.


On Saturday evening we went for a walk with other members of our local wildlife trust. We have a protected wetland area on the river Avon flood plain near us. With the help of the Merlin App in some instances, we saw or heard: Cuckoo, Reed Bunting, Reed Warbler, Cetti’s Warbler, Blackcap, lots of Long Tail Tits and many of the usual suspects as well. The light was fading but very enjoyable.



Been digging in your lawn I see…

Ants - or ant eggs.

Poor bedraggled Woody after yesterday’s deluges attacking fat balls & coconut with gusto (and massive beak). Apols for the photo - crap phone camera thru a window.