‘Blooming’ on NDX 2 Display

Having a home demo of an NDX 2 this weekend. Less than a year old but has a small area of ‘blooming’ on the top left hand corner of the display. Is this normal or a ‘suspect’ display?

Is it visible on the home menu?

I hadn’t considered that but yes, it’s also showing on home page.

Not normal, I wouldnt touch it personally.

Probably dodgy so, best avoided

I haven’t seen anything like that on my display so i will say that it isn’t normal. My player now two years old.

If that was a laptop I’d say something has been pushing too hard on the screen (usually the manufacturers badge, with a pile of books placed on it on the desk causing the impression). With that in mind I’d say something has been pressing on the screen, inside or out… If that’s right it’s not something you can repair - it needs a manufacturer repair. I’d suggest talking to your dealer.

Does the screen still have its protective plastic film in place.

This did come up recently on a ND555. Perhaps @mech may be able to report back.

Yes my ND 555 got this exact same white spot the moment it arrived. My dealer is now in touch with Naim to get me a replacement.

I also discover something minor and that is the 4 buttons light looked harsh to me and the LED like leaking when viewed in a certain angle. Unlike my previous NDX 2 where the buttons light looked smooth just like how the heavy 552 remote.

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Blooming in the corners always gets worse over time. Most commonly associated with low cost screens. I have a couple bargain basement LG 4K monitors that started to bloom in the top left after 6 months. It creeps in and goes very light after a while. It may also creep in from other corners after starting in the top left.

I wonder if this is Naim cutting corner due to component shortage. I hope not. Then again I believe screen probably is from china and is one of the low cost components. Just annoying if it happen.

The expensive good screens also come from China usually. So that doesn’t mean a lot right now. Give it a few years and part sourcing might look radically different.

AFAIK most users have experienced zero screen issues but the few that have have been quite vocal.

If the seller will discount the unit for shipping to and from Naim with a replacement screen, it may be worth it. However if it is a year old, get the seller to have it fixed under the non transferable warranty. Then everyone’s happy.

Many thanks all for your input. It has confirmed my suspicions that the screen does have a fault. Have been in contact with the dealer and he is prepared to return it to Naim under warranty.


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