Blue Note Records

As a lover and collector of this most epic of Jazz labels I’d love to find out more
about the label’s History and to discover all of their releases especially some of the
more obscure and lesser known titles.

I’ll kick things off with Out of the Blue by Sonny Red
Was this was his only title as a leader for Blue Note? I’d be very
interested to hear of any titles where he appeared as a sideman.

Out of the Blue is one of my absolute favourite Reid Miles iconic covers please share yours.

Out of the Blue - Blue Note Records, 1960

Tracks: A1, A2, A3, A4, B1, B2 feature Sam Jones, Roy Brooks & Wynton Kelly

Tracks: B3 & B4. feature Jimmy Cobb, Paul Chambers & Wynton Kelly.

Which issues are the best ? I own the Classic Records, Bernie Grundman Mono cut from 2005 and also have the new Tone Poet on order (shipping today).

If anyone is interested there is a copy of the Classic Records Mono reissue in Mint
condition over on Discogs for a very reasonable £39.99.


I just received the latest Tone Poet of this one (Sonny Red - out of The Blue) yesterday. I haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet (had a tooth removed so wasn’t in the best place for music session afterwards) but hope to do so this weekend.


Love to hear what you think Richard it’s one of my favourite Blue Notes so far as there are hundreds I’ve not yet heard.

Two tracks feature three musicians who appeared on Kind of Blue the previous year Wynton Kelly who for me is up there with Bill Evans, Ahmad Jamal and Red Garland and of course Paul Chambers and Jimmy Cobb.


@Bobthebuilder forum rules don’t allow for links but I recommend the book Blue Note : Uncompromising Expression……

Available at Amazon.

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Have either got Leaway by Lee Morgan. Art Blakey’s contribution is off the planet.


That one. Very good and it starts at the beginning.

I have recommended Dan Shepard’s YouTube channel the Jazz Shepherd so many times. It is an encyclopaedia of modern jazz music.
You might not like the presentation,he can wander off into political and social alleyways,but he does know his subject.

Taste is strange,I must have 50 or 60 bluenote cds . I was an avid collector but now they hardly get a listen. Basie, Ellington and their spawned smaller groups are my staple.


Giving it a first spin now - and liking what I’m hearing.

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I only really started collecting BN releases in the last few years, when I began looking at early Herbie Hancock recordings. With the individual musicians playing on each others discs, it has been interesting to find who played on what and discover their contributions to different great recordings.

The Blue Notes get regularly played here, and I often spend time listening to samples to find new discs to add to my collection - though I admit to being very selective!

My favourite Blue Note cover design is Moanin’ because of the brilliant photograph and typography - they even omitted the title to keep it clean and simple - though there are variations where it is added.

Art Blakey and The Jazz Messengers Moanin’
/ 2008 Blue Note / RVG Edition / EU CD / 724349532427

I have mentioned this before, but will again for those who haven’t read it - the Blue Note label style was a huge influence on my cd label design, which is where the naim logo began.


So do I. And the accompanying 5cd box.


That book is a good one to have, recently bought a copy too. As is the ‘sister’ tome covering the Verve label.

Well worth getting even for the photos - especially those session contact sheets.

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Is it really a good book? The must have you? In Italy there is this but I don’t know if it’s better than yours in English.

I have all the vinyls from the Classic series so far.

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This also looks an excellent book I believe there is a Vol 2. I’ll have to treat myself to both and the Hardback book mentioned above.


Speakin’ My Piece by The Horace Parlan Quintet featuring the Turrentine brothers Tommy and Stanley on Trumpet and Tenor Sax plus Al Harewood and George Tucker on drums and bass. Horace is one of my favourite Jazz pianists whose output wasn’t huge maybe six titles two as the Horace Parlan Quintet and four as Horace Parlan. I know there are a few Blue Note titles featuring Horace as a sideman so please let me know of any that come to mind.

Another beautiful iconic Reid Miles cover on this one stylistically it’s pure early 60’s Blue Note.


An exceptionally rare Mono 1st press that in top condition can fetch close to £2,000. Music Matters 33rpm, 45rpm and Classic Records reissues can be had for around the £100 mark and my lowly Japanese copy from the 4000 Series Collection that cost me about £30 now fetches upwards of double that.



If you have an interest in the Clef/Norgran label and the activities of Norman Granz to keep many old timers busy I agree with Dynaudio this is an excellent volume.
Very well illustrated and informative.


No. No second volume. This is the same edition with a slightly larger format than the last edition published in 2021.

I have this soft back, which may just be an earlier version. I’ve seen similar in two volumes, one blue (volume 1), and one red (volume 2).

Uncompromising Expression is excellent and a must buy for Blue Note fans.

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Joys of Qobuz. Never heard this one before. One of BNs organists.
LondonJazzCollector has an informative piece about the record.


Today I buy at Amazon… :ok_hand::+1:

It’s highly recommended by me


The matching cd set is very listenable