Blue tack or gel pads?

Thanks Garcon, I’m open to changing stands etc, but as a start point, regardless of the stand type, should there be vibrations in the stands?

Good question, probably varies with stands. Just tried with my Falcon stands and even with louder music there is no vibration as such, more just a perception of brief transfer of some faint bass energy. As you can hopefully see I’ve left a small gap between speaker bottom and stand top panel.
Similar very little or almost no transfer of energy (or deadening effect) when I tried the Target stands with my bigger speakers.

Any thin-wall/damped speaker (eg most bbc-derived speakers) are likely to work as-designed/best when supported at the corners.

Whether that’s how you prefer them is a different question. Carry on tweaking!

It depends on the stand… but the aim with many is to lower the frequency of the mechanical resonance point of the speaker and stand, to the floor coupling point… so yes it is highly likely you will feel the stand vibrate in alignment with the speaker…. It’s when it vibrates not in alignment with the speaker that issues can start - in my opinion - such as ringing.
The more rigid the the stand is to the speaker the sharper the resonance point can be … in many designs this not generally a good thing… so a degree of lossy coupling is required to flatten the resonance of the stand and speaker… but care is needed here in my opinion such as not cause smearing… therefore I prefer to not use visco elastic polymers for this. Forms of wood can be effective. You kind of have a system I read somewhere, of competing parameters.
Dominant resonant points I believe is what gives low end mechanical boost on some high mass stands, but at the expense low end ringing or smearing which to some ears robs clarity and timing.

Do you mean you are introducing holes at the bottom of the speaker cabinet?

Yes and it’s worth it :+1:

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which stands do you use? or do u put spikes on the top plate of the stands?

Original Linn stands ,they came with spikes.
The inbuilt metal stands in Naim SBL and DBL also have spikes.

okay thank you, and with stands without spikes, what would u use?

I have - somewhere - some upward-facing ‘spikes’ that are more ball-point than super-sharp. Unless you dropped your speakers onto them, I doubt they would pierce the veneer. Never used them though - so no comment on sound quality! :confused:

My S12 speakers seemed to pump allot more energy into my SS6 stands…I tried Audioquest sorbothane puks…and definately things improved… no vibration in the stand…and better clarity…bass is fractionally less but more tunefull. I have a timber floor and it certainly is not playing along now…so very happy.


Thank you Simon, as you’ve detected I’m trying to sift the objective from the subjective…
The Moseco plates are a lot smaller than the speakers, with a few comments saying that stand mounted speakers should be supported at the corners, I have found some pieces of slate/granite about 15mm thick and put them on top of the Fisual pads and under the speakers. No vibration whatsoever in the stand and top plate.
I need to recheck, but it seems the sound has tightened up and providing a better stage. All that being said, I have a difficult room so lots of scope for tweaking position etc.
I don’t really want to spend on more stands as I have in my plan to replace the P3ESR’s in any case at some point in the future.

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It’s is very simple @Robbo1, as a general rule the less the stands vibrate the better. The exception would be stands specifically designed to interact in a certain way and with a certain speaker. If the general rule is not good enough, then all that’s left is to experiment. No amount of technical gibberish will help.

Well that is usually a good sign… so what ever you are doing carry on with it.

Atacama do small and large plates for the Moseco (can be specified or bought additionally), although I personally think it’s a question of stability and not SQ for the small monitor cabinets.

I suddenly get this image of Captain Mainwaring…