Bluesound Node N130 vs Naim vs Alternatives

Details are here…

Demo of 222 + NC250. Also added 300 PSU to 222. Speakers were PMC twenty3-23i

Then, same speakers with ND5 XS2 + nDAC and SN3 + HC DR.

Naim steamer, with addition of a decent external DAC ( nDAC or other similar) is a very capable solution.

Then, more recently listened to Innous Pulse. See separate report in thread “a journey into streaming audio”

Think which way you go has much to do with your view of system building and your own thoughts on an “end game” solution.

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Thanks. So are you saying you preferred the ND5 XS2 / SN 3 to the NSC 222 / NAP 250? With or without the NPX 300?

I’m trying to get a handle on how good the streamer is in the NSC 222. Various opinions I read here seem to rank it from below ND5 XS2 to above an NDX 2 with XPS DR!

The demo I had of the 222/300/250 sounded really good. Less so without the 300. However, hearing an NDX 2/NAC 332/250 was quite a strange combination indeed - a mismatch even - and not nearly as musically cohesive.

I plan to have a NSC 333/332/250 demo in the new year, although this would be way above budget, but perhaps a later end game system to aim for.

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Recently heard the 300 series demo, (as per Naim staff touring dealers).

Think the 333 is impressive, in another league. That would be a great end game for you.

Good luck


It is worth mentioning that both problems can be mitigated cost efficiently, solutions like the ones offered by Fidelity Audio UK come to mind.

Quite possible, which one(s) you have in mind?

Had any time to think about this one… ?

Any more thoughts on dedicated mains supply. Or, indeed network cabling… ?
(All while building work is taking pace and these things can be done with ease).

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I did raise the subject last week and the idea of a fresh approach to the networking infrastructure was well received - especially as ‘fibre to the building’ is allegedly coming to our area in 2024. But the idea of a dedicated mains supply and associated costs, erm, not so enthusiastic. “Are you serious?” being the response! If I do go down the dedicated mains route, then it will have to be from the black box upgrade stash, which i’m a little reluctant to do, especially if I switch work rooms, which has been mooted when the children leave home (eldest now at Uni).


It’s all good. No problem. Just being curious.
Maybe just the cherry, on top of the icing, on top of the cake.
But, the cake is pretty good by itself.

Motivation to do such things may have a lot to do with where you see yourself going, end game system, etc.

With dedicated supply, its effect is probably equivalent to adding to another black box psu. Like adding an XPS to an NDX2, etc. A justification is costs, as well as SQ. The changes to mains supply might cost a few hundred. An XPS DR, might cost a few thousand.

As always, good luck.

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Yes, I remember you mentioning the effects of the dedicated mains in relation to black box cost, and it struck home. But, after me proposing the idea my other half looked at me with a mixture of humour, bewilderment and deep concern!


Earlier in this thread I had already warned @YetiZone that enquiring about a budget streamer may lead to a complete system overhaul! :slight_smile: There should be a hazard warning.

Which you will see confirmed in the discussion now continuing also over here @ratrat :

We all do things differently …
Wouldn’t life be dull if we all did the same thing.

My observation is of someone working through a bunch of thoughts and figuring things out. Which is a journey of discovery.

You might have picked up my personal philosophy is to take time. Maybe enjoy things along the way. Perhaps that’s what happening ?

Quick story…
Maybe 10 years or so ago, my Naim journey started with a demo’ of a lovely pre-loved NAIT XS2, which I bought to partner a new Rega RP6, at the same time.

It all started with stock RP6 c/w Exact → Fono MM → NAIT XS2 → Epos ES14.

Options upward, were SN2, then separates.
The dealer also demonstrated SN2 and the 202 + 200. I immediately fell in love with the pre + power combination and knew that was what I wanted, when I could afford it.

When the SN3 came along, in 2018, my aspirations shifted sideways. Thought the SN3 almost as good, in just one box. It closed the gap on separates. But adding HCDR brought it to similar level.

The 202 + 200 might be a nice place to be.

Do you like sherbet lemons or liquorice or turkish delight or toffee or chocolate truffles?


p.s. How you getting on with your new boxes?


Oh definitely, I did mean it as a good thing! And I see some humour in that it appears several forum members including myself start from a somewhat similar “let’s add a budget streamer” thought, and that process leads to a re-evaluation of the whole system. As if seemingly all of a sudden known paradigms have changed with all the options and offers there are today, and one has to catch up again on what’s there and what makes sense for yourself. The journey and witnessing someone else’s journey (and reading about yours) is enjoyable.

Yes I picked up on that philosophy :slight_smile: and a nice one it is.

I’m doing fine, after basically renewing half of my system (amp and digital source). Also (re)discovering things and stuff, and enjoying that, alone and with my family members.

It is also a good time of year for that.


Isn’t music a truly wonderful thing.
By yourself…
With friends…
With family…

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@ratrat & @daddycool Very well put in the two posts above. A sweeping change in approach does require quite a lot of catch up time, and i’m starting to get an idea of possibilities within Naim world. But, alas, I still haven’t started to look outside the fold yet, which I intend to do. Blasphemy I know, but…

The new Rega amps with built in DAC look interesting, not to mention their exemplary warranty and customer support. Just add a server / streamer of choice and a simple two box system is ready and waiting.

And then there’s also the modular LINN Selekt DSM, and that idea really intrigues me, as this unit has the potential (on the surface, it seems without digging deeper) to be upgradable in stages, very interesting approach - the LP12 of streamer land…? Imagine a next generation Naim NC streamer that could start at ND5 level and the chassis be gradually updated to an ND555 level. Yes please.

Lots to consider… will keep the thread updated as the options unfold.




Just thought I’d give this thread a quick update… After much thought I’ve decided to hold fire looking for a new streamer and amp for the moment. With the input and contributors to this thread (a great big thank you for all the fabulous suggestions) I do have a good starting point and list of gear to test and dem for the New Year. Pausing for a couple of reasons…

First off, my head is spinning somewhat with the possibilities - so many current options in Naim world! A little time over the hols will help clear the mind and focus a clean sheet direction.

I started packing up the work room contents over the weekend - a few record boxes filled, and the big job of boxing up all books and dismantling the shelves, all now in the loft. Listening to music today I could not quite believe how drastically the room acoustics have changed with just the removal of a few shelves and contents - now echoey and stark. Wow, quite an eye (ear) opener. Therefore any realistic comparison of new kit with the current set up would be meaningless in the echoey void.

Also, there is potential for the layout of the room to radically change, so I’d rather work around the new space once complete, just to see how it all fits together with the work room needs to the fore.

And finally, the builder came round today and went through the rather daunting (to us) list, so I think I have enough on my plate to concentrate on for the minute, plus Naim black box shopping will be a lovely project to look forward to when all is done with the rebuild!


Good idea, first have great holidays, then try to survive the construction work, and in the new year we’ll still be here to read your then thoughts and ideas!

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