Bluesound Node N130 vs Naim vs Alternatives

Ah, yes, forgot about that. Yes, the kitchen / dinning room, garage and work room will all be completely rewired, with a new consumer fitted in the garage to bring everything up to current regs and spec.

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Hi @YetiZone

Thank for your understanding and sharing information
Think I’ve got it all now. That’s all useful background.

That all sound quite exciting.
Also, it’s now obvious why you were looking at Kitchens over the weekend.
All good fun.

I’ll reply with some further thoughts and ideas. Maybe later today, after work.
Speak soon

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Hi @YetiZone

Was asking about networks and electricians, as thinking about improvements for your “infrastructure”, which will benefit your audio enjoyment, when your new pieces come into the house.

Suggest you do some reading - use search - on the forum
Networks and switches, for streaming music
Dedicated mains supply

Doesn’t have to cost much, as you already have the trades and skills on site.


Yes, I that idea of a cable refresh (in every sense) will be explored and researched. Although, I may find that side of things getting financial approval challenging, being non essential in the grand scheme of things, and especially from my wife’s perspective.

Likewise, pretty frantic here so no time yet to look for new boxes earnestly, but chatted to one dealer on that score, and, after this chat and the recent Acoustica show my mind started to wander to New Classic (dealers suggestion). One wild card idea is a very heavy source approach with an ex dem CSS333 fronting my Nait2, and wait to see what NC Naits come to market, but this would have to be a longer term plan in terms of saving as opposed to immediate gratification now.


Nait 2 responds surprisingly well to as good a source as you can throw at it.

Coming from Rega the LP12 was a quantum leap here, very enjoyable. With a top streamer it might be a pleasant intermediate period doing the source(s) first.

That said, you are now seriously upping the ante on the source side!

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Okay understand
As a minimum, consider a dedicated mains power supply. One run of 10mm2 from a new CU, to the HiFi location. Look to other threads on this topic, ( for circuit diagram and tech’ spec’ ), for more info’.

Might only cost a few hundred.
But the uplift is probably equivalent to adding PSU to a source. (Which cost thousands).

Just something to consider, while the building work is being done and you have all the trades on site.

Hope that helps.
Again, good luck


Hi @ratrat, this is a very interesting thread. Some really useful info and I assume opinion based on demonstrations you have had. I need to have a closer loon at the Pulse.

I am particularly intrigued in your view on NDX5 XS2 streaming versus NSC 222. Is this based on what you have heard, and if so what was the setup?

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Details are here…

Demo of 222 + NC250. Also added 300 PSU to 222. Speakers were PMC twenty3-23i

Then, same speakers with ND5 XS2 + nDAC and SN3 + HC DR.

Naim steamer, with addition of a decent external DAC ( nDAC or other similar) is a very capable solution.

Then, more recently listened to Innous Pulse. See separate report in thread “a journey into streaming audio”

Think which way you go has much to do with your view of system building and your own thoughts on an “end game” solution.

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Thanks. So are you saying you preferred the ND5 XS2 / SN 3 to the NSC 222 / NAP 250? With or without the NPX 300?

I’m trying to get a handle on how good the streamer is in the NSC 222. Various opinions I read here seem to rank it from below ND5 XS2 to above an NDX 2 with XPS DR!

The demo I had of the 222/300/250 sounded really good. Less so without the 300. However, hearing an NDX 2/NAC 332/250 was quite a strange combination indeed - a mismatch even - and not nearly as musically cohesive.

I plan to have a NSC 333/332/250 demo in the new year, although this would be way above budget, but perhaps a later end game system to aim for.

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Recently heard the 300 series demo, (as per Naim staff touring dealers).

Think the 333 is impressive, in another league. That would be a great end game for you.

Good luck


It is worth mentioning that both problems can be mitigated cost efficiently, solutions like the ones offered by Fidelity Audio UK come to mind.

Low cost? For the extra spend and the price of the Node you can buy a better streaming bridge.

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Quite possible, which one(s) you have in mind?