BMW pop them here?

pop them here?

I was thinkng of buying a Nac 552. Anyone know if they are reliable?


@NigelB loves cars, specially BMW. He will post here very quickly :rofl::rofl:

What are the BMW firmware updates like?

And should I buy a 3 series or the 5?
I know its the 5 I really want, will I notice any difference with just a 3?

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Talking of 552s, still loving mine. It is however non DR and is approaching 12 years old, so I was thinking of getting it serviced and DR’d soon.

How much uplift can I expect from a service and DR’ing?

Oh dear, I appear to have gone off topic!


My BMW is defective. I sent it back via Fedex. A relay switch problem.


My new 330i
Love it

Listening to Qobuz tracks via apple carplay
Quite enjoyable


Ok then, what do I win? :wink:


A 552 DR?

There I go again!

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Thanks! although it might scare my NAP150…

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Naim has now a real competitor in Salisbury

I’ll say it again, the pre amp is the beating heart of any Naim system. I use mine with a 250DR, so would be interesting to hear it with a NAP150.

But I digress, again!

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Wow, really! Please tell us more! :sunglasses:

I’m on my 3rd bmw - Z4 , 3 series convertible and now 1 series 1.8 auto.
Little trouble but the diff on the 3 series had to be reworked by a gearbox specialist (it started whining - known fault). BMW wanted to replace the whole diff £2300 but a rebuild of it with new bearings by a specialist was £500. The problem I find now is that at the main agent its silly dear for anything and you never get to hear what a mechanic actually says as you get put in a ‘pod’ where someone tells you how much money they’re going to screw you for…


This good place can always do with wit and repartee.

Talk of 552s and even BMWs can get dull.

If you’re anywhere near East Sussex, get your BMW down to Munich Legends. They are notoriously thorough and will explain any issues in great detail. They are real BMW enthusiasts - the fantastic collection of classic BMWs in the showroom attests to that. I wouldn’t take my BMW anywhere else.

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Could you explain in lots of detail about why you love your 552 please?

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What, on the BMW thread?

Thanks but it’s too far. When any are out of warranty I go to Grosvenor BMW nearby. Pretty good and explain. They also have 2 dogs which are very nice.

Sorry - am all confused. I thought I was on a hifi thread!