Bookshelf speaker for Uniti Atom

Does anyone have a recommendation for a good around bookshelf speaker? This is for my wife’s art studio….looking for something amazing…5000$ or less….thank you…

Do you actually want them on a bookshelf and close to a wall? If so then I think you should audition some Proac Tablette 10 Signatures. They are sealed boxes and therefore can be placed close to a wall. I had a pair with an Atom and I had them on a bookshelf - they worked beautifully together


Borresen X1 . 5k euros.


Yes they will be close to the wall on a shelf….thanks

Proac Tablette 10 sigs would probably be a good choice, or Falcon Q7 kit speakers which I am using on my Nait.

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My wife is picky so they will have to be amazing sounding…
The ideal situation is if the speakers are 6 inches long but can hang out a couple inches more and 10 inches wide…she will be sitting
9 ft back…

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The size that’s idea I just posted is not written in stone, I can always put up shelves…the most important thing is the sound and a happy marriage with the amazing Atom…no tweeter hiss

I ran Neat Motive’s with my Atom. Great pairing.

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My son runs a set of Ascend Acoustics LX bookshelf speakers. These are direct to consumer from a California company and they cost about $1500 a pair with a 30 day trial period. They have a ribbon tweeter upgrade option, but he did not step up to that. He drives them with a Naim Uniti Spark which includes a CD player, and this rig absolutely rocks, based on what I heard over the Christmas Holiday. It is not as refined as my Proac Tab 10 Signature-Nait 50 rig, but the rear port has more bass, a big sound for half the money, and gets the job done. I think you might be surprised. He has just upgraded from cinder blocks to real stands, and I am sure that is an improvement.

Round trip shipping from CA to the UK might be a consideration, but I bet DHL is ready when you are and cheaper than we expect. I would call the company and see if they have a UK demo resource somewhere over there.

Good luck.

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Thanks everyone, with out you I wouldn’t know where to start…

Thanks Skip, I am near Seattle…

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I don’t know how easily available they are in the US of A, but I’m a big fan of my Falcon LS3/5A mini monitors.

The retail cost in the UK is around £2,500, depending on wood finish, but I would hope that, even at export prices, they’d be within your $5,000 budget.

You will also need to buy a pair of decent stands, which really are necessary to make the speakers sing!

Neat Iotas pair nicely with Atom.

Rear ported, but can “tune” the ports with a bit of builder’s sponge if wall proximity becomes an issue.

Think you can get dedicated wall brackets for them too

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That’s the combo I have, but I wasn’t sure how easy they are to find in the US. My Iotas are mounted on wall brackets but Neat say they work well on actual bookshelves. IMO they look a bit odd on stands.


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Hello, the speakers have to go on a shelf…no way around that…

What about PMC Prodigy , (stands are for illustrative purposes) maybe a little cheaper than the ProAc

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I don’t know of any that sound good on shelves, so I’ll leave others to comment.

I agree, putting bookshelves on a shelf is compromising the sound. So perhaps the « 5000 dollars « speakers are not a good idea. They will be wasted.
Then buying speakers on forum recommendations is quite a waste of time, because each brand will sound different. From Proac, to PMC to Focal to Sonus Faber…Neat…you will have important differences in the sound signature.
There’s also the interaction with the room, that you can’t predict.

Isoacoustics make the Aperta stands , that isolate speakers on shelves.


Thanks for that valid point Frenchrooster, that’s definitely something to think about…I have a Audio Note dealer close to me, thinking about taking the Atom with me for a audition…have them put the speakers on a table not on stands for a listen…

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The Orangutan micr/O by DeVore are I believe specifically designed for bookshelves, which is unusual, around £4500 probably cheaper in the US.
I’ve not heard the Micro but the bigger O Baby are stunning.

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