Bored with box count...where does a Qute "sit"?

Hi, I’m at the low end the NAIM world here but my NAIT3/NAP90 is a load of fun, I’m more into punch, touch and boogie than “hi-fi” and this swings nicely, but I need to move rooms, simplify the siting and the box count is a pain, second hand Qute are in my price range now, the issue is Covid or not I’m unlikely to be able to get them side by side, has anyone “down-boxed” from that era of NAIM to the more modern (though still a decade old) stuff? Will I lose the “fun”?

As a single box, I don’t think you can beat it. I use mine a lot and in a lot of ways it’s like a modern nait 2. With optical and coaxial inputs.


I bought a UQ1 a few months ago now. As a second system to my Systemdek/CD5/Nait 3/Neat Motive SX3s. It runs under our TV, through Neat Iotas. I ought to try it through the Nait at some point, or alongside it with the same speaker set up, but even with it held back by speakers placed too close together for good imaging, and too far from a rear wall for good bass, it sounds really good.

Never heard the older stuff but my bedroom system is UQ2 and some Monitor Audio BR2’s. I find it an enjoyable listen, obviously doesn’t match my main rig, but fun nonetheless.

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The Qute2 with Bluetooth is the pick of the series — Qute1 did not have party mode, which is nice to have, though I do not use it — line-in sounds better.

The on-board FM, streamer, and Spotify are good. My CD5XS connected to the Optical input sounds even better. Great little amp!




UQ2 with MA silver rx2 here:

Very good for the money.

As @robert_h said, can’t be beaten for the price range/ single box

My 2nd system is a Qute2 with small Dynaudio stand mount speakers. Very fun to listen to to be honest!

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I have 4 x Qutes as satellite systems in my bedrooms, kitchen and study. They are all Roonified and multiroom is a good thing too. The speakers are all in ceiling, except for a pair of Linn Kans in the master bedroom. If I’m honest I listen to more music on the Qutes than on my main system (unless you count the TV feeding into it).


My qute 2 was probably my favourite ever Naim product


I enthusiastically agree, one of my fav all time Naim products as well. It is a true Swiss Army knife of a device, and sounds very good for its modest cost (new and used). I bought mine new and have no intentions of selling it, and they are now a bargain second hand if you don’t need the latest streaming platform.

If sourcing one on the used market, just enquire about the screen health - if it is starting to dim, and has it been set to turn off after a few minutes etc. I have one of the last UQ2 Bluetooth versions and find I use BT a lot for streaming podcasts from my iPhone, otherwise I use it exclusively for local UPnP streaming. Buy with confidence!


All very encouraging thanks, just need to shift the NAIT3/NAP90 now…

Where on for a Classic here… :fire::muscle::partying_face:

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I love my UQ1, but since the screen died, on a whim I picked up a Matrix Mini-i Pro 3, and it’s given the UQ a bit of a smack. Keep in mind I was/am feeding both into a very good 110, and Roon via a microRendu 1.4. Something you might consider depending on your needs and the price you can find a good UQ for, is that you’ll be going from one very long in the tooth setup to a somewhat long in the tooth all in one.

Not to say the UQ isn’t a classic, pretty amazing piece of kit for what it is, but you might consider other current DAC/preamp options into your 90 depending on your streaming needs going into the future, but of course that still keeps your box count at two. Also my advice if you go for a UQ would be to try and find one that has had the screen replacement done. Mine will cost about $300 (plus shipping) here in the States once they have the part in.

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A classic, like the Nait 1 and Nait2? Possibly, but only time will tell. Unlike those easily serviced amps, the only issues long term could be screen reliability / availability, and of course streaming compatibility unless work arounds are implemented, plus, related phone / tablet dependency for ultimate interface and control.


we have a lottery ticket right here. :wink:
screen is what we now: since the early beginings, i defined it to 10seconds off, so hope i get a long life AND when the time comes to screen give is soul to the Creator, i will opt to arrange it.
Streaming compatibility, i have no issues: i use a USB pen since new. (dont even use a network)

thanks, I’m guessing NAIM might not support new streaming protocols but I can use my existing streamer and ‘just’ use the Qute as a DAC.

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Set mine to be 10 sec off the entire time I’ve owned it. It began to fade a few months after the five year warranty ran out.

You can, as long as you use SPDIF, Toslink, or RCA input, or use the Naim app and a server via ethernet. If using Roon, you’ll need something like a SonicOrbiter Bridge or RooUPNP on a Pi.

Seriously? Uauuuu. :grimacing:

I have mine since 2016 and still going strong.

A case of luck?! :sweat_smile:

In fact that’s what I’m doing. I have acquired a Nova recently and very pleased with it .

The UnitiQute sits in the AV system and takes the signal from the Sky Box and my Universal Player into the Nova.

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