Brexit ! Where did it go?

This must be a record.

First topic to be removed from the new Forum ?

There were only half a dozen posts, and i’m certain none were in any way unhelpful.

Puzzled !

It’s still there @Don. I haven’t touched it yet - I’m far too busy checking incoming members and doing all the incoming approvals - heartening to see so many familiar members coming through!

I’m still seeing it in the Padded Cell, Don.

Thanks Richard, thanks Mike, but…

…I still can’t see it !

I can see this one (obviously) and I can see quite a few others, but not the Brexit or Bust ! one


What I see is it’s the 11th in the list of topics under the Padded Cell category.


I can see it !! ???, its at the bottom of the Padded Cell, last post from Xanthe 3 hrs ago.

@Don, have you hidden it from yourself by mistake? (you can hide threads that aren’t of interest to you)

Does the link I posted above to the thread take you there?

Perhaps there’s something freudian in that.

Thanks Richard,

Yes, that link took me back to the Brexit thread, eventually !

Looks like I have hidden it from myself by mistake. It still doesn’t appear in my list of Padded Cell threads.

Like Mike says, something freudian, or omen-like.

Perhaps, when you have time (I know you are very busy, especially today) or when somebody has figured it out, you could describe how to “unhide” it.

I will of course try to figure it out as well.

Cheers, Don

Don, I think you have muted the topic in preferences. SJB posted a picture, which shows the menu - I hope he’s happy for me to repost here;

Thank you Richard and SJB.

I had indeed selected the “Muted” button at the bottom of that list.

I remember doing it. I had started to get e-mails notifying me of every new post in the “Brexit or Bust !” thread. I only read the first part of the function “You will never be notified of anything about this topic” thinking this would stop the e-mails I selected the option. I didn’t appreciate the significance of the rest “and it will not appear in latest”

Hopefully we live and learn.

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