Bristol hifi show 2022

Looking forward to going next year, always a good laugh, Shazam !!! Who else is going?

We’ll be there! Three demo areas covering a range of Naim and Focal set-ups.


Always enjoyed the Bristol show but it does get really hot in there and the thought of wearing a mask all day?

I would assume that they will have some good air purifiers in place as well as the ac on.

I’ll be there, my usual group of friends have already bought our train tickets.

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The perfect time to finally unveil the 272 replacement, I’d have thought. Perhaps we should start laying bets.


We will let everyone know the line-ups nearer the time. Let’s see what Chipset Santa brings us for Christmas (or not)…


My bet is 2023 - it would be the only upgrade path for me to keep box count in check. I better start saving :slight_smile:

Not much point releasing new products when they can’t get enough components to manufacture the current product range.
I don’t doubt they have things ready to release, but delays on the Solstice, streamers and some products being (temporarily?) dropped (202, 200) might suggest rushing into another launch somewhat odd. Then again dropping current products could be to ensure supply of components for new products, who knows. We all love a show launch, don’t we.

Urm maybe Nigel……but I’m only willing to stake your pension not my own🤨

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All that shuffling about in hotel rooms with no beds in I never quite got to enjoy.
It’s worth a visit if you want to pick up kit at favourable prices. At least Naim tend to have a decent space, it is however usually a presentation of the extremes namely, muso and wham bam statement with dalek Focal’s.
A suitable mix of gateway drugs and “don’t touch, it costs more than your house” demos.

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I’m picking up a mug this time from the naim shop, sold out last time, bit gutted . Please bring more mugs :grin:, I managed to cop a slipmat though as a consolation. I can pretend my lp12 is a solstice :joy::joy:

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Looking forward to this one, missed it last year. Will be a chance to mix with others with a similar interest. Usually a good selection of used vinyl and cds to rummage through as well. Only 20 minutes or so in the car for me so I will definitely be there!

Yes, let’s hope that there isn’t a really bad Covid surge.

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Fingrs crossed and wood touched, and there’s plenty of wood up there :joy:

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Very good!

:rofl: I won’t be holding my breath - mask or no mask! (But I will be there.)

No way at the moment. A hotel full of people being very close to each other in hot and sweaty conditions with the virus out there!


I stocked up with mugs and t shirts last time and heard the Statement system they had on show. Due to covid I will probably opt out this time.

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Is it busiest on Saturday?
Looking to come Friday but would prefer Sunday if it’s slightly quieter?