Broken Uniti II display

Hi All. Does anybody have any suggestions as to how I might get the display on my Uniti II fixed or replaced? My, usually excellent dealer in Sydney, Len Wallis, has been waiting on a response from Naim since mid-April. That’s four months … just to acknowledge the problem … let along arranging for a fix. Thanks all.

I’m not sure, but isn’t it a different situation with the Uniti 2? I’d suggest the OP emails Naim directly, giving the serial number and asking the question.

Hi, it’s available today for uniti 2.

There appears to be no functioning Naim distributor in Australia and NZ at the moment so I suspect that is why your dealer is unable to help. I would call Naim service dept in the UK and ask them what your options are.

Don’t put the link!

failing that, there are replacement LCDs on ebay.

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yes, GIYF, eBay+uniti2+screen, and go :wink:

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Many thanks everyone. I’ll try to get through to Naim UK and also check avails on eBay. Thanks a lot.

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