Uniti screen issue

The screen on my elderly mother’s 2011 Uniti is so dim that it is almost unusable. Having spoken to Naim Support, I understand that they are unable to fix it due to it not having the 192kHz board, and is running “2D” firmware rather than the required-for-a-fix “3D” firmware.

Naim suggest finding an independent “HiFi repair professional who might be able to find the original screen on the grey market (eBay, for example) and fit it.”

Does anyone know who might be able to do this for me in the UK?

Whilst the box does still work, and the Naim iOS app can control it, I am not convinced that my mother would be able to live with not being able to use the onboard screen.


Well, if it’s naim’s suggestion to go elsewhere, and they mentioned ebay, these 2 images might help:


Thanks - have sent him a message (in France) and will see what he says.

Fell foul of the moderator- apologies!
But if Naim are basically saying “look on eBay” …. Just find the correct keywords.

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I was in the same position with my Unitiqute. There is a gentleman from France on eBay who can offer some good advice. I have managed to rectify the dim screen, hopefully this will help and I won’t fall foul of the moderator.:+1:


I knew it would be a good idea to save those images! So I did for future reference.

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While I fully understand forum rules, I really think Naim should reconsider how this applies to the few products they can no longer repair or service. In those scenarios, I think Naim should consider publishing service manuals.


Me too. I think we bought it from the same gentleman from France. He is selling it from eBay.


Hi, I am also interested in finding a fix and from your words it sounds like this is not the display itself but maybe a driver circuit?

No it is that the original display failed. The replacement screens that Naim use are different (as the original is no longer manufactured) and need the 192/24 board to be fitted to run the firmware that is necessary. If the board isn’t already fitted then they can’t replace the display and they can’t retro-fit the 192/24 board as the processor on that board is no longer manufactured.

But apparently someone on eBay has sourced some original screens that don’t need a firmware update. Naim never uses grey market parts, but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t work sometimes or even often for someone willing to try a grey market part.

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I used him for my NDS. Perfect now.


I too used the same guy for my Superuniti. Worked like a charm! Decent seller too. The first screen went AWOL so he sent another one. The first one turned up weeks later so I sent it back to him but no questions asked. Honest seller. The screen is ace and was easy to fit. Saved myself a small fortune

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Again, a recommendation for the guy in France on ebay, I got a screen for my original UnitiQute. Easy to fit and works perfectly.

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Thanks all; the chap in France is “away” until 6th Feb, but I have a message waiting for him.

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