BT Smart Hub 2 - 2.4Ghz mu-so connection issue

"The BT “Smart Hub 2” comes with a range extender which BT choose to call a “Disc”. The “Disc” has an Ethernet socket on the back. The mu-so has an Ethernet socket on the underside. Set up the “Disk” as per BT’s instructions. Physically connect the “Disc” to the mu-so with an Ethernet cable. The mu-so will now be found by the (not so) “Smart Hub 2”.

The solution does rely on being able to place the 'Disc" close enough to the mus-so to connect them by cable. All you’re doing is taking the mu-so’s 2.4Ghz wireless connection out of the equation.

Hi @IAM1,
The current firmware of BT Smart Hub has a bug that prevents devices on 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz from talking to each other. You might be better off disabling 5Ghz (until BT provide a fix) and then enjoy your Mu-so wirelessly - if that’s your preference.
Much discussed in this thread: BT Smart Hub 2 And App Connection Issues

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Thanks Tomvamos. How do you do that then? I’ve contacted Naim several times about the issue. They keep insisting it’s a problem with iOS and provide ‘fixes’ that don’t work. I doubt it’s a ‘bug’ on the Home Hub 2 because surely they’d have fixed that long ago. F
It seems more like a design fault from which they’re now trying to back-pedal. Of course, why, only a few years ago, was Naim selling (at great cost) a piece of kit that didn’t have 5Ghz capability, when it was evident that 5Ghz was where things were headed?

Well, it does seem to be an issue with the Home Hub. Certainly it appears that Naim are far from alone from being affected here. I see that Sonos and others have also fallen foul of it.

See the Naim help article on what to do;


This is very easy to do. There is a pull out plastic tag on the Hub with the IP address of your Hub along with the password. Just type the address into a web browser and it will show you some options. Click Advanced Settings, then Wireless and it will ask for your password. Then it should show the 2.4 and 5 ghz bands and you should be able to turn it off from there.

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And your evidence for this is…??

Sorry kaypeejay. That’s not the case. The whole point is that you used to be able to split the bands on a BT Hub that way - which was what I used to do - but the Smart Hub 2 doesn’t give you that option. It automatically switches between bands and you can’t override that.

Sadly this is true. The best, though not ideal, solution is to simply disable the 5Ghz band (until an update arrives) to ensure all your devices can talk to see each other.

Yes sorry @IAM1 i meant to say turn the 5 ghz band off. I did this earlier and it has solved the problem. Time will tell if the 2.4 ghz band is sufficient for all our streaming requirements

Yes you don’t want to do that … it’s usually bad for performance… it’s kind of interferes with how protocols like 802.11n and 802.11ax work.

Only an issue with certain streamers connected by wifi.
If using 802.11ac or Ethernet to your streamer, you have no issue of course.

Looks like BT is offering access to a bug fix if you contact them via their help pages - otherwise an update will rollout later this month:

"Thank you all for providing feedback on this thread of the issues you have been experiencing with the Smart Hub 2 connecting with multiple streaming devices on their wi-fi network. Also thank you to everyone who provided your details to aid our investigation.

For anyone finding this thread and experiencing the same issue, please comment on this thread and one of our moderators will reach out to you. We’ll arrange to update your Smart Hub 2 remotely as soon as possible to resolve the issue. We’ll be rolling out an update to all devices later this month."

I must admit to being amused at some of the posts on the BT thread. Several people asking politely for the fix and then being thankful when they got it. One poor man who’s under floor heating wasn’t working, then one bloke complaining he only gets 90 Mbps download speed on the 2.4 ghz band. He should try living out in the sticks!

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My Hub received the update last night and the Naim app can again see my Q-Be.

As the hub needed to restart after a carrier drop to make the Q-Be “invisible” to the Naim app I’m not calling it fixed until it survives one of those events.

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Hi @TallGuy,
Delighted to hear that your Smart Hub has been updated. Could you tell me if it was an automatic update or did you have to request it (as many are doing on the BT forum)?
Thanks, Tom

@tomvamos - I requested it via the BT Community Mods, but I did have an open case regarding frequent carrier drops overnight, which only seemed to start with the March firmware update so they tagged the update onto that call, which they’ve now closed. Time will tell if it has fixed the line disconnects, but the Q-be is now visible in the Naim app again.

I can give more details if you like, but my issue with the BT hub and the Naim app was that the Qu-B disappeared from the IOS app whenever the line dropped and the hub restarted itself (I think it actually only restarts the internal modem (I’m FTTC, After this I had to perform a hub reboot (obviously not the same as the hub restarting it’s modem from the different results I got) to get the Q-Be visible in the app (but not this morning after the f/w update). Oddly, the Android app tended to see the Q-Be when the IOS app couldn’t, but eventually the Q-be disappeared from the Android app too.


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As a reply to myself: My connection dropped again last night and the Hub restarted. I am still able to see my Mu-so Qb, whereas previously I couldn’t when this happened, so the firmware update to the hub does seem to have fixed the issue.

Now all I need BT to do is stop the almost nightly carrier drops/hub restarts

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That is possibly interference that is causing your carrier to drop. BT won’t drop the carrier unless there is an issue.
In the log file what is saying is causing your hub to restart… a hub restart is normally a very rate event…
Typically you want to have this addressed, as regular restarts will affect the DLM and reduce your line sync speed. I would possibly raise a support ticket.

Smart Hub doesn’t sound very smart does it?

Richard, thanks for posting. This is the first time I’ve heard of the NAIM support forum, is it new ? Is it the same login as the Community forums ?

Thx, Paul