Budget ATC stand recommendations

Hello all, I am looking for stand recommendations for ATC scm19. Ive seen on the forum a range of stands from heavy to lightweight custom design ones. But no definitive answer on what is better.

I also see these which are claimed to be “original atc” stands.

Are these stands made by atc? I am not sure where they come from, might be from the dealer in Singapore who simply bundles it together?

Whilst I cannot say categorically that those stands are not by ATC themselves, I don’t recall seeing them on ATC’s website over numerous visits spanning the past 20 years or so. The only stands I recall seeing, though no longer shown, was a wooden tripod arrangement, quite substantial looking, with what looked like an adjustable height top section - or at least that is the image in my memory (I can’t see on their website now)

Solid Sounds, an Italian company, make very good loudspeaker stands (I have a pair for my new LS3/5As).

I have no idea whether there’s a suitable stand for your ATCs, but one of the Solid Sounds dealers will be able to help. (I used James Allney at Tom Tom Audio.)

I use q acoustic concept 20 speaker stands on my SCM7. That was after I read a review that used them with SCM19.

You kind pay for what you get…… I suspect most of the stands In the £500 ish space will perform similarly and won’t “ring”

I was about to purchase Solid steel 6’s but seeing them in the flesh was disappointing. They may look ok in some environments but not in mine…

I opted for some lateral audio stands and they work very well with my atc 11’s and definitely a big improvement on my £60 Amazon stands!

If budget is a challenge keep an eye an eBay for used as bargains do come up.

There was a thread on ATC speaker stands, including 19s:

I believe Custom Design make stands for specific ATC models.

There’s useful info on ATC’s website about stand choice and particularly ensuring acoustic axis (midpoint between the drivers on two-ways like 19s) is at ear level. That’s important as ATC speakers have narrow vertical dispersion.


Try Audio Chic - wooden tripod stands with an ATC shaped top plate. Look smart.

The ATC importer in the USA recommends high mass stands. I’ve found high mass stands, if used on a concrete slab, work fantastically. Many who have a wood suspension floor prefer an open, lighter stand. So bear in mind the construction standard of your home when picking stands for your 19s.

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Your title says ‘budget’ and the stands I am going to suggest are not that, but I used Russ Andrew’s Torlyte speaker stands with my SCM19s… and they worked really well on my carpeted solid floors (hard concrete and slate)… these stands bring the benefits of light mass open frame and wooden stands, with a resonance absorbing Torlyte platform, so in my opinion you don’t need to use some sort performance robbing viscoelastic polymer like gel pads, sorbothane or blutak.
Agree on ensuring tweeters are at ear height.

On my earlier ATCs I used the open framed SomethingSolid stands… they too worked well.

I did try various high mass filled steel stands prior over the years… and I felt each time they robbed the life out of the speaker for my tastes.

I asked ATC this exact question. They recommended Atacama HMS 2X stands.

Which I duly bought, filled 2/3rds with sand and plonked my SCM 19’s on.

Sounds luvverly.


Real budget stands are the Norstone Stylum 2 (130 euro for a pair).

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