Building Lego

Yeah, bit of a let down.

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I wondered if you would get the book, it’s definitely worth being part of the “Insider Club”

Hope ‘Jasmine’ doesn’t take a shine to it !

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I had over £50 credit from the Insider points - Concorde, Titanic and the OE racked them up, and then I got another £15 from the latest one.

The bricks & mortar shops can access the Insider system, and will credit the points. However they duck and weave on the freebies. So when I was asked for feedback on the OE bought in the Southampton Store, I was less than complimentary.

Moral: the shops are OK for the small stuff, but for anything serious, buy online. And they’re pretty quick, I ordered the set on Tuesday - delivery is scheduled for tomorrow!

And yes, Jazzy will be a problem (the other two continue to show no interest at all)!

But she is very cute… :laughing:

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Agree wholeheartedly about ordering online, excellent service.

I tend to use the Lego Shop in Meadowhall, and would say, overall the service has been excellent, however on my last visit, the assistant must have had an off day, and unfortunately got feedback to match.

Your chief building inspector Jazzy is definitely a cutie :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

ooooo…the typewriter.

Dynaudio Special 40’s - Black Vine, please. :grinning:

Arrived this morning.

Only comment from my DB, “I’m glad you didn’t make me carry that lot back from Battersea (Lego store) last weekend”.


Some guys are really mastering Lego !




I see that the “scalpers” are out since the release of the Dungeons & Dragons set. These are for the Mimic Dice Box freebie (notional value on the Lego website is £17.99):

I think I’ll build mine today.

Now that is clever!

Very clever!

Has anybody tried or know anything about brickborrow?

Faceache keeps inundating me with adverts sounds interesting but thought I’d ask the hive mind.

The two freebies:


Finished the Super Mario Cube, it’s an amazing build, can highly recommend.


So in honour of BG3 doing well in the BAFTAs….
As is well known, all good D&D quests begin in a pub, in this case, the “Inn Plain Sight”:

…before battling the spiders…

…and heading into the dungeon

About a third of the way through the build.


That’s looking great. looking forward to the rest of the build.

Skeleton ambush….


For all Lego fans - check out National Brick Events - coming to a venue near you.

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Thankfully there are none close to me, or more of the kids’ inheritance might have disappeared. :laughing: :laughing: