Burndy and 552

I’m having some difficulty connecting a Burndy to a 552 pre-amp. I managed to connect one end of the Burndy to the 552 power supply without too much difficulty, but the other end is proving problematic. None of the pins look bent to me but I’m certainly no expert. A couple of photographs below show the Burndy in question.

I was wondering if any members of the forum had any useful tips relating to connecting Burndys.

In addition, on reading the manual, I think I need to connect a 240 5 pin DIN between the 552 and its PS - have I understood this correctly?


The Burndy in the top pic needs rotating about 100 degrees clockwise so the larger plastic lug is at 12 o clock. Should slot in then rotate the lock ring

You will also need the DIN cable. Check the Naim connection guide. All the details you need.



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Brilliant Bruce - that’s worked. Thanks very much.


Yes, just make sure that larger (single) lug is pointing directly up (12 o’clock) when you offer it up to the socket, then wigggle the plug a little while gently pushing it in the socket. Once you feel the plug just entering the socket then rotate the metal ring to fully guide the plug into the socket.

Ah, glad you got there.

Thanks to you both for your help.

Thanks for the link to the guide - it seems a bit clearer than the manual.

Did you give the Burndy a little “swing” to relax it first. Also worth putting a little dot at top dead centre for next time you connect it up

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Yes, I did. Thanks for the good advice.

The suggestions on here about relaxing them do seem to make a difference. And if you can ensure they don’t touch the floor or anything else that’s good as well.

Yes, I’ve read the comments about them not touching anything. It’s quite tricky but I’ll see what I can do.

If you take it off you can encourage it into a shape with a bit of shaking.

But these are relatively small differences

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I do an initial relaxing and then do it again after 2 or 3 days of them being connected. To my ears gives a little more and they are even easier work with and to connect.

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Thanks and noted.

Hello @Richard.Dane , yesterday I found a photograph you posted on a thread of how a Burndy should look when properly connected, but despite searching on the forum I can’t find it today. Do you recall this and, if so, would you be able to repost the photograph?


I don’t recall it Neil, but I’ll see if I can find it on the forum.

Thanks Richard - I knew I should have saved the page. I think you were demonstrating how there should be a slight gap in the collar when fitted correctly.

Are you sure you’re not thinking of Powerlines?

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Are you sure this wasn’t about PowerLine or DIN interconnects? The collar on the burndys (and snaics) must be fastened and then there is no gap.

That sounds like it could be the Powerline pictures in the FAQ.