Burndy - I give up. Non stress Installation impossible

every bone is aching in my body.
Tried to de-stress the 552 Burndy. I shaked and twisted my heart out.
But there is no way to get it in its final position. Always 90 (= 9 o clock) on psu end.
When I twist it in one direction in order to fit, that’s not de-stressing. It is the opposite of it. Actually can be seen, as when I left it untouched it finds it former position by itself.

After hours I decided to de- stress it first and then bend it to its position.
Maybe it should be done this way and I did it wrong all the time. ???
Feel that the sound is now a bit less smooth as before in the test setup where Burndy installation was less problem. Could be mind related

No idea how the former owner had treated it. Will order a new one and hope, that it gets better.

Any ideas or help.


If this is as important as some claim including Naim it is to me difficult to understand there has never been a video or graphical instruction made how to tame a burndy. Here’s inovation >>> Take an iPhone and Steve Sells and have it made in 1 minute :wink:

FYI, I bought a new one once and it was not easier to manage.


A Bit about Burndies

Posted by: Adam Meredith on 03 July 2007


I recommend you make matters a little easier for yourself.

Stick a little dot on the top of the plug (not collar) after you have initially inserted it in its correct socket (check the collar for orientation).
Do this for both ends and then remove the Burndy.

You then need to hold each end end of the cable just beyond the join with the plug. Line up in the way it will fit to the units to be connected and, with the dots to the top, “relax” (flop it about) the lead so that there is no tension felt in your wrists as you hold the lead (dots uppermost).

The Burndy can then be offered up to its 2 sockets - being pulled in by the action of the locking collar (yes - do do up, sing it). The internal pins will now slide into their respective sockets - in good alignment and without sideways strain.

Any bend required to fit the cable in a limited space should be made and inch or so away from the immediate point at which it enters the plug.

N.B. - it is also a very good idea to position equipment and racks in such a way that Burndies and leads do NOT press up against the wall behind (or rest on the floor). These can act as a sounding board and feed vibration into the plug/socket and connected equipment - short circuiting the operation of your carefully designed equipment stand.

This may be of some help.


Would have been both good and credible :+1:


Yeah - done it several times.
When I remove it and shake it it does not stay in its dot upwards position. Going back to 9 o clock on psu side.


Thanks but after hours of trying all the fun was gone. :grimacing:
You might understand :rofl:
I think there is no problem in the relaxing itself. But so different positions in rack:

  • psu a few stores under nac
  • psu right sided above or lower in rack
  • psu left side …

All influences the dot upwards issue

When a Burndy is new, is there upwards position on both sides identical? Never had a Burndy where this is the case, but all used.

Don’t forget to destress the Grey ones also :wink:


As per Richard’s post above here is my lead. You can clearly see the white band under the braid with that end going to the 552 head unit.

May that help


Thanks a lot But might not help much.
When installed mine also Looks Fine. And when i pull it out it is Not immediately going in torsion.
But when i Shake it :blush: it is relaxed But in wrong Position.

By the way - in the pic above the strain Relief is nearly fallen out. I would Not use this burndy

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There is no possibility to relocate the Nac552 ,so the Burndy will fit without tension ?


Drago you have to be very careful when de-stressing the cable. My method is always just to semi gently twist it into position until it locks. Then leave be.

It’s a difficult cable to deal with but that’s just part of the desig. There is no way of avoiding this type of umbilical cable when a separate power supply is used.

Now that you’ve installed it. Leave it alone for several months. Resist the temptation to keep fiddling with it. This is if you don’t relocate your components.


Sadly no!
This means relocating all with nd555 Burndys to massage again :rofl:

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As I want everything 100% … I fiddled around 3 times with the Burndy. Alaways with same result.
Therefore last attempt with de stressing first and than bending (no torsion) into right position. Dunno if bending stresses again.

Can’t you ask your dealer to check it and connect the burndys ?

If I had to nail down a single reason for eventually leaving the Naim ecosystem then the Burndy would be it. More generally… cables. They simply shouldn’t require that amount of time and attention.


No, the burndies are the coolest cables ever! So brutal. Oh the locking rings. I love them. No other cables comes close. Also it’s so scary to connect them. It’s the perfect experience of connecting a cable.


I have never had the slightest problems with interconnects, SNAICs or Burndies.

And I imagine that the same is true for most Naim users.

The dealer where I bought the 552 is a no naim dealer - my naim dealer would not come by.

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For me only Burndies - with 52 it was similar but not as time consuming as it was the last 2 days.

The Burndy on my 52 had clearly been used in a vertical arrangement whilst my setup was horizontal - brain : brawn.

I just shook it vertically with one end and then with the other holding the cable by the clamp. This took the tension out of it.
I then held it with one connector in each hand making sure that the pins were oriented for the sockets and swung it until it didn’t offer any resistance to go back to it’s previous shape.

It’s literally 30 seconds to line up and lock each plug to its socket.

Total time expended about 15 minutes.

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