Burndy - I give up. Non stress Installation impossible

Do you have issues with the sound? Does it not sound good?

You hit the point!
Sounds fine - but as wanting all maxed out …
Red wine helps :blush:


I remember when I had the XPS DR in use with my NDX 2. The Burndy is really stiff and is difficult to dress properly.
I did the best I could and got on with listening to music.

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Just don’t want to open any box here - especially the pandora one… @Richard.Dane
I totally understand that naim is at its best when even drilled Burndies - think it can compete to others well with no tweak. Giving this advice of tweaking is what is best with naim. Having a company with the heart of doing things for perfect music listening.
It is very much appreciated that naim got the time to give us all some dvi e on the tweaks - for free. Do not know any other manufacturer who does that.

Bought a sxps Burndy for my nait 50 system and surprisingly it was very easy to dress.
Thanks for the listening advice - well appreciated. The higher you climb the system ladder the more the more crazy it and I get(s) :smile:

I’m glad i only have one Burndy cable in my system, and the odd bit of foam to raise mains/speaker cables off the floor :smiling_face:

P.S Just completed my usual annual complete breakdown, cleaning, tautening-up and rebuilding of the system. Sounding really good here! :+1:


This reminds me… sad moment … I unpacked my hi-line which came with the nd 555 (used) and one plug is loose. The one on pre-amp side.
Ok - will bring it in for repair…
But - got a Morgana here which is now (552 offers better position of input) ready to be tested

What for?

It sounds better - even the width matters and important to get the colour and positioning - spot on!

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Would like to answer.
@Dan_M: so much appreciate all your posts and help here, my friend!
And always thinking and wishing the best for you!
I will give up all burndies and other stuff if it will help you.
All first world problems here!

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Colour tape sounds better?

Some things are better not explained - in other words we all have our idiosyncrasies!
I use white labels and write on these - then can’t read my writing or code.
@Corry wisely uses a colour system to easily identify one cable from another.
As the op, much of the issue with things like burndy cable dressing, just comes over time. Corry has made a wise post, but important to just connect up, with out stress to either you or cables; then just enjoy the music. Any question of what-if, is best not considered (like will it sound better if I give a cable another tweak). Enjoy the moment - it only comes around once!


I have 5 Burndys in my system, so 10 Burndy connections. I put the dots at the top on each end (as others have suggested too), but I color code them. White and red for the 300DR, blue for the XPS-DR, yellow for the 252/SCDR and orange for the SL/SCDR. When I do a complete disassemble and re-assemble of my eight boxes in two Fraim racks it makes it really simple to identify what goes where.


Did you ever de-stress Burndies?

Yes, I broke out my bong and gave them contact highs. They really, really mellowed out and had no stress about anything, not even about all those 12 volt shock therapy treatments.

Yeah, I went through the motions of it. Ditto for my stupid HiLines that like to break if I have gas and let go when I’m too near them. Can’t promise I noticed any difference.


That’s a good idea FR.
In in your picture, I wonder why someone decided to suspend a miniature park bench on the chains above a child’s swing like that. Looks kinda dangerous to me … :thinking:

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The space behind my rack is cramped and only accessible by popping the lid and the right side panel and leaning in to peer down. Before I colour coded everything, it was difficult to identify any cable, whether power or signal, just by looking at it. I would usually need to give it a little wiggle - “OK, that’s the SuperLine power cable” - which would often interfere with cable dressing. Now I can just shine a light from above - or sometimes the front - and see what’s what.

Apart from it being good to break and remake all electrical connections from time to time, one of the reasons I periodically rebuild my system is because my careful cable dressing degrades over time. After I take it all apart, I do the rebuild level by level and plug everything in as I go, adjusting the cable dressing after I finish each level.

For example, my 552PS sits on the bottom left, with the head unit at the top right. When finished, the Burndy and SNAIC follow a smooth arc from bottom to top, running very close to each other but not quite touching, per the recommendation. After I connect both to the 552PS and continue building, I hang the free ends of the cables with some string in approximately the correct orientation, adjusting them as I go, until I’m ready to connect the top ends to head unit.

It’s a pain, and I envy those who have enough space just to slot the boxes in and hook them all up after they’re done. In my setup, it’s virtually impossible to adjust the cables on the lower boxes without taking everything apart first.

When destressing a Burndy cable, it helps if you sing and perform the dance to the Birdy song at the same time.

P.S. don’t let anyone see you doing this, especially if you wish to retain any credibility.

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This very likely explains why none of us have posted a video of “Burndy de-stressing and forming”…


I don’t imagine you ever losing your effortless air of cool, Richard!