Buying experience?

I’m not sure if this is allowed so forgive me RD and remove if necessary.

Has anyone have any experience of buying from this company? Thanks


It doesn’t seem to be a traditional audio company but a buyer/seller for used inventory. Both their listed addresses are basically self-storage units in the UK and NL.

It seems they have just started operating (2020). Difficult to say how legit they are, but i wouldn’t expect much in terms of warranty etc…

Thanks. I’m just trying to find our if they are legit. They have an impressive stock list but no showroom.

They do appear to have a couple of testimonials listed including email addresses of buyers. Assuming those are not fake addresses, it could be worth emailing one or two of them to ask about their buying experiences. :slight_smile:

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I’m thinking that no one would go the hassle of setting up an elaborate web site for a scam operation, but you just never know.

It stinks.

The WhatsApp number on the contact page is not the same as on the main page. All photos are taken in different locations.

I would not touch this.

Do not underestimate the effort undesirables will go to!

I do think it’s rather strange that all the listed testimonials have an email address attached, i’ve never seen that before i think.

If you bought £10K-20K worth of audio equipment from a dealer, would you want them to put your personal email address on their website for the world to see?

All the email addresses listed are free ones from gmail/hotmail/yahoo etc. That doesn’t say everything ofcourse, but they are easier to create just for this purpose. It would be better if at least one or two were from ‘legit’ personal or company domains.

I will never again trust a company not having a proper showroom. Blame my distrust on Onix Audio.

The FAQ state that it isn’t VAT registered, given that in the UK VAT registration is required at £85k turnover then either they are not selling much or are not complying with the regulations. Probably worth being very cautious.

P.s., their testimonials date back to early 2020 and they mention the website:

7 Apr 2020
First time customer of but won’t be my last and i…


The domain wasn’t registered until Feb 2021 (this year):

Registry Domain ID: 2594384707_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN
Registrar WHOIS Server:
Registrar URL:
Updated Date: 2021-02-27T16:09:22
Creation Date: 2021-02-27T16:05:38

So that certainly seems dubious.


I can’t find the thing in Companies House nor the Dutch KvK.

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A load of library photographs of expensive gear and no option of using a credit card…

Caveat Emptor here, I feel…

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Yes, I think their are too many anomalies in the published info. I will investigate further tomorrow.
I have a pro forma invoice with vat details and a holding company name which is registered but other details don’t tie up.


Lots of red flags here: no proper explanation of who owns the business, no legal entity names, mobile contact numbers rather than landlines, disclosure of customer email addresses, amateur website etc.

Either very amateurish or a scam. Run a mile :running_man:

Avoid, avoid, avoid…


Yes, the more I search the less I like the look of it. The library pics are strange. Not a single photo taken in the same location.
Very strange though to go to so much trouble.

Holding company has been registered since 1998 Audio Visual Alliance.
Addresses are all over the country. No correlation between bank account and company or to named person as account holder. Leave well alone I fear.

A lot of fraudsters would think nothing of setup a “professional” looking website, so don’t go by a slick site to judge a company. Don’t go by geographical indications of phone numbers either, I’m in the UK, but could supply a New York number, calling me on holiday in Shanghai. Ditto email addresses, bank account details, etc.

If you can’t go personally to collect and pay, draw your own conclusions.


The prominent WeChat ID mentioned on the website is interesting i think, that is basically only a thing in China. It must mean that the main contact person is very possibly Chinese, since incoming Wechats would mainly be in Mandarin/Pinyin.

There are also one or two testimonials listed in Mandarin which supports this.

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