Buzzing PS555

Hey guys, my 555ps buzz (quite loudly) like a crazy MF when using the highline, but hardly noticeable when using the standard Naim mains cable. Infact, I have to put my ears quite close to hear any noise. The 552 and 500 are connected to a Grahams Hydra. The 555 is very quiet when connected to the hydra.

The powerline is a great cable……you mention Hi…line which is an interconnect. Talk to your dealer.

I have had it for a very long time…probably 15 years. I will try it on the 552 and 500 to see if its actually the cable.

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Lol, I mean the powerline

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Is the buzz coming from the 555PS itself ? I’d check you have the Power-Line plug fully pushed into the 555PS socket. It does need quite a shove.


Yes, the buzz is coming directly from the 555. It was pushed fully in. I swapped the PL with the 3rd cable from the Hydra and the buzz stopped. Maybe the PL is more sensitive to the noise on the electric circuit. Just saying…

The Powerline is not shielded. Make sure it’s well dressed and not touching other power or data cables.

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Is the Power-Line on the same circuit as the Hydra ?

Just out of interest, how old is the 555PS and has it been serviced at all ?


Unfortunstely, its very difficult to placed it without touching other power cables.

Yes, on the same circuit as the hydra. The 555 is approximately 15 years old.

It needs a service……or a trip to a dealer or friend with a Naim system for comparison.

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You are probably right, but why doesn’t it buzz with the hydra?

Could be an earthing issue……never owned a hydra……perhaps @james_n can help some more.

I was thinking of the same thing…

Lovely system @Nan. Be good to look at servicing your 555PS. How old is rest of system? Should all be serviced at 15 years maximum.

Thanks, Dan. They are all due for a service. The 552, 500 and their respective PS are 18 years old. The 555ps is 15. I recently purchased a used NDS (2016) to replace my cherished CDS3.

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Try to keep CDS3 as well if you can. Sold mine and CDS2. Have NDS but miss the CD player! May get another if one comes up.

My dealer advised me that for quieting the buzz

There’s gotta be a Rooster muzzle😂

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I doubt it’s earthing causing the internal buzz on the 555PS particularly as all the kit is on the same circuit. Does this particular Power-Line affect the other kit too (say if you try it on the 552PS) which could point to an issue with the Power-Line itself (internal terminals need tightening). If all is quiet on the Hydra then i’d leave it on there for now. Of more concern (as others mention) is the age of your kit and that most items are past recommended service intervals. A service will restore performance to as new or better.

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