Cable burn in

Apologies if this is a stupid question but:- if I were to get a second hand cable which had been used and burnt into their system does the cable then need to burn into my system as every system is different and the currents will differ, so what that second hand cable would have been burnt into orignally may not be what my system is sending down the cable.

I hope that makes sense it does in my head.

Thanks in advance.

If ‘burn in’ is a thing, then any ‘used’ cable already is burnt in…

If it isn’t, then its not… :astonished:

I cannot say if its real or not… :sunglasses:


If it is a thing and your system is sending a slightly different current down the cable is it already burnt in if your system is different to mine?

The cables won’t require burn-in but your ears might!


If cable burn in is a thing and if it differs between systems due to “different currents”, then surely it would also differ in the same system when listening to different music …

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If it isn’t, then its not…

It isn’t but it wasn’t Officially Official | Yes, Prime Minister | BBC Comedy Greats - YouTube


Well yes I would have thought it would, I guess I am looking too hard into this. Just a thought that popped into my head listening away.

It’s wire don’t worry.


Please please not this thread again……:joy:



I think the answers so far have done a good job of covering the matter! Good wording everyone!!!

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Am sure the burn in police will be along soon enough.

It depends on what music it was playing

If it was used to play Reggae, then you may need to pass some classical through it

If it was used to play Pop, then you may need to pass some jazz through it

If it was used to play Folk, then you may need to pass some heavy metal through it

Naaa, just kidding - its burnt in

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Don’t forget. Burnt in cable is directional.

If you use it in the wrong direction, you will be quenching it and it will therefore require re-burning.


Just don’t tell the electrons and it will be fine…fussy buggers electrons. Plus only use expensive electrons in high end hifi or you will have big problems with phase alignment and imaging😄


Most would agree that a pre loved burnt in cable will still need a while to settle in.
Some could take a few hours and others could take a few days,
If the cable spent its previous life in a rats nest, it would be proper stressed out and may need a bit longer to relax.


Townsend Audio offer an explanation on their website
In a nutshell: Copper work hardens when bent or flexed - leaving it alone for a period of time allows it to relax and soften.
I think Naim subscribe somewhat to this philosophy - having seen the video of the Cable Shaking machine


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Either most would agree that, or most would agree that it will take a while for you to get used to the new sound if the cable sounds different from the old, and those that don’t agree one may agree the other.


Whether or not it’s burnt in depends on your ears & brain.



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