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Dear Forum users, I’m a newbie the the group, and a novice in terms of Hi-Fi, I have a Naim Headline Amp and separate pre amp plus also a Musical Fidelity A3.2 CD player I am being quoted for the following cables >
“The Naim Preamp & Power Amp needs a 4 Pin - 4 Pin Naim SNAIC interconnect, which is black & fairly thick. I can’t see one in the photos, do you have this? If not, we have them in stock at £199.00”

“The Musical Fidelity CD Player needs a 2 RCA to 5 Pin DIN cable, we recommend the Naim Standard one at £129.00”

Guys is this pricing about right?

A quick Google search should tell you all you need to know here. Those pieces appear fair as they are at Naim’s current RRP. Of course, you may be able to find some being advertised for slightly less, and there’s always second-hand too.

The standard Naim grey interconnect is an excellent choice - a brilliant sounding cable in the context of a nam system, at a relatively affordable price. However, do avoid being tempted by any cheap non-genuine NAIM SNAICs - see the FAQ on here.

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Those are I think the Naim list prices, for a new cable - so, yes.

I sense you are shocked by this…? If you are prepared to look, you can find these cables for less, pre-loved, on various websites.

The Naim DIN 4 SNAIC is a Naim specific cable - I would strongly recommend you stick with that.

The Phono to DIN cable though, you might look at alternatives.

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