Cable dressing - Burndys and distance

Sorry for another cable dressing topic.
I am very carefull (as ever :slight_smile: ) when it comes to cable dressing.

No cable touches another!
But is there any minimum distance for the cables.
In my current setup the nd555 Burndys are running nearby the Burndy from 52 to SC.
All burndys hang completely free.
Distance at one spot is ca. 3-4mm (guessed).

Is this fine or should there be a minimum distance for electrical reasons?


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Reads like you got it sorted and very well dressed in comparison to many.
If you accomplished all that you’ve done really well and just need to forget about it and enjoy the music.


Thank you so much.
Yes, I went through some cable dressing maniac sessions. And I know that most of the hours I spend for the feeling that it is fine, not for sonically reasons.

Could be 2-3mm distance instead of 3-4mm :rofl:.

The reason I was asking is that I remember that snaic needs to run near Burndy (52/sc). So in this case there is an „electronic effect“.

As it impossible to manage s much cables with wider distance to each other, I really think my burndys are dressed fine.
I was very Lucky to have them dressed all 3 hanging free without touching anything.


Have wondered the same with burndy highway between racks. I tried putting foam between them to increase distance but unavoidably this increase tension instead so I chose to prioritise hanging relaxed vs touching and my mind says it was right. Might be placebo but that’s ok too :smile:

If one burndy to work more on I would chose the 552 since it contains analogue signal from the pre to the ps.

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Yes very important that the Snaic 5 and the Burndy goes close together or touches in one place, make big differences in bass performance.

Strange that no one have made a 3D printed burndy/snaic distance product to clip on to make this fully optimised and never have to bother again :slight_smile:

Close together is like 5mm?

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Look at Richard Dane’s comments.

Had them dressed so that they hang free and are nearly touching (less than 1mm) :grinning:
This was a hard job!

Just to make things harder it should be about the same distance throughout.

Same distance meaning… both cables in parallel with same distance to each other …
Nearly impossible without drilling them

Yes that’s why it’s easier to have them to touch in one place and much easier to quickly hear the difference.

Not so bad (from this angle) :laughing:
It is really good near and parallel with a small gap (a bit more distance) left sided.

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I am also a cable dressing maniac


I do Not know how many hours I spend wich aching back and knees… :rofl::nerd_face:

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I have problems with this, too. And the burndy and snaic are also touching one of the burndies from Nap300.
Maybe I should change the stacking order of the boxes.

My system on two tier Fraim.

Left side
Nap 300

Right side

Would it be better to swap SC with 555ps?
Looking forward to get comments on this.

Wow, I am so glad that I cannot afford a system at this price! The thought of having to mess with cables rather than listening to music just makes me cringe.


At one time in my active days I had 3 racks making the cable dressing easyer than now with only 2 racks though they are both Fraim now. My 5 pin snaic is longer than my 252 burndy so having them close in the entire length is not possible. At a time I did make an arrangement to make them run close part of tthe way, maybe this is still in place. But this just makes the 332 a much nicer update if it is an update, at least the cable dressing will get so much simpler.

That stacking order looks about right to me, assuming if keeps everything off the floor.
The different Burndys seem to naturally protrude different amounts behind the boxes before the curve reaches vertical, though I skipped the 252/300 pairing. Arranging which crosses in front of which at each encounter takes some time. I have all mine clear, though the Hiline has a mind of its own no matter how much it’s massaged.

Left is
main Turntable
superline and stageline N
empty Lite

Right is
Turntable for mono
Turntable ps

all shelves are standard except the medium above the 500. I’m undecided if the 555 stays on the bottom but the 500 needs to be one up and it does get the digital clear of the pre amps, the Burndys work out either way.

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That’s all the cables sorted now for tunes. :ghost:



Yes probably not a job to start in your 80s.