Cableoholic,..Or,.What's Going On..?

A Teaser…:money_mouth_face:


Overkill using that to charge a mobile phone🤪


Looks like you’re so annoyed with your phone that you’re going to electrocute it!

What’s the problem? No-one phones you anymore? Too many people phone at awkward times?You so hate the Nokia ringtone? You’ve just realised you can get a phone where texting doesn’t need repeat hits on a key to get the letter you want? You can’t get it to play hi res music?

you can charge your phone with these monster cable, using a special adapter?

Nokia taking the mickey (English slang for teasing) out of Apple for their cancellation of their wireless charger?

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Been there. Done that.
NBS Black RCA Interconnect cables out from Mac Ti laptop. :slight_smile: (circa 2001)

:small_blue_diamond:This Powercable above is called “TimePortal Signature”,.and costs in the US $4000:-.

There is no distributor in Europe,so no one I know has heard of this powercable. But I can briefly say that it is very good,.even if I thought otherwise. American prejudice perhaps :sunglasses:.

:black_small_square:But it may be time to continue with this thread.

Regarding the phone,.a friend of mine added there the old phone,so one would get an idea how grotesquely thick this powercable is.
I’ve gotten to know a new Hifi-friend about 3-4 months ago,…we have spent time intensively.

He is a real “Cableoholic”…almost at a “morbid” level.
But at the same time very interesting.
Since I got to know him 3-4 months ago, he has bought cables (power, interconnect,ehternet,HDMI) for over £30 000:- in today’s Swedish course.

It’s barely that I keep up with all his purchases,it’s always something new.
And he has lots of “goodies” at home since before in the cable way,…pure candy store for me.

:small_orange_diamond:Right now I have borrowed a powercable for my TV for £2800:-,.my new friend wanted me to test if I got better picture :grin:.
Oops…Forgot,.has also got to borrow a 2.5 m HDMI-cable for the same money £2800:-.

So…'Cableoholic",.I think is a aptly named for my new friend.
:black_small_square:Here you have the background to the thread title.

But fun is it,.I have the last few months screwed in the best contacts available to buy.
And tested cables that most people can only dream of,…In many different constellations.
:black_small_square:To take another example,.my friend sent some special contacts and cables to Russia for assembly (the best in the world to do this living there according to him).
After this,…he sent these cables to England for “cryo treatment”.
So you understand,…Here it is not saved on anything.

I Just Love this :sunglasses::grin:.

:small_blue_diamond:You see here in the picture above how grotesquely thick “TimePortal signature” is.
But it completely “smashes” the cable below in the picture in Soundquality.
It is a Swedish Powercable called “Entreq Challenger II”.
Entreq Challenger II costs £2800:-.

:small_orange_diamond:But this Swedish “Entreq Challenger II” is good,.so are you looking for cables at this price level.
So are they worth listening to in your own music-system.

:small_blue_diamond:I say as Arnold Schwarzenegger,…“I’ll be back” :grin:.


Same size as my SR power cable, it’s like a bloody python, but surprisingly easy to dress.

Americans looks too supersize food, so why not cables.

Cable reviewer for a high end publication would be my idea of a dream job… just supply me with plenty of them free of charge to “borrow”, and then let me tell everyone about it…

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:small_blue_diamond:TOBYJUG,…It almost feels like I am there now,.my new hifi-friend went to Thailand on 10/5,and comes home on 7/6.

In the meantime,.he wanted me to try “some” cables.
I had to borrow a “box” of cables,.I counted that this box contained cables for £40 000:-…Absolutely incredible.
But fun should I have during this month.

I must actually admit,.albeit reluctantly,that I have never had such a good picture on my TV as now.
But Hallo,…I have a power and hdmi-cable to my TV for £5600:- :sunglasses::grin:.


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agree, but with a domestic changing the cables , and myself just listening . “ Hey Maria, bring me a cup of tea and connect these new speakers cables “

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An IEC-contact…

:small_blue_diamond:Here above we see how a quality contact looks like “under the shell”.

This is Oyaide C-004 rhodium IEC.
I put a picture on an IEC-connector,.since it is available in most countries.
The cable that appears a little in the picture is from the United States,.and is called Acoustic revive.

:small_orange_diamond:Here above we see a type of forks that you can use at termination.
It is these forks that sit on the cable of the previous image.

The entire fork is made of pure (α) copper clad with rhodium.
The fork is connected to the cable through pressure or by soldering.

:small_blue_diamond:On this image above we see Oyaide C-004 rhodium IEC without cable.

Here we see the strong connections. These screws can be pulled with a connection pressure of 7kg.


One thing I always find troubling with these massively thick mains cables is the IEC plug / socket is really not designed for them. The cable weight and stiffness puts strain on a connector not really appropriate for a cable like this. Far better would be to use the 16/32A Industrial type connectors (or not use cables this thick in the first place…) but that would require an amp suitably equipped. I’ve only seen a Boulder (?) amp with this type of connector.


Rhodium plating makes sense as It is a better electrical conductor than gold, but very much harder, while similarly very immune to corrosion. However, the cost of rhodium is only about 3x that of gold, and the amount used in plating small, so not a significant contributor to the ludicrously high cable cost.

All very pointless, pandering to the gullible audiophool market.
Apart from the IEC socket thats approved/rated for 10 amps, that’s the only part thats legal.
The USA type B plug (rated at 15 amps but at 120 volts) & I suspect whole of the rest of the ‘cable’ would not comply to any standard.


There is an expensive gadget for that. Furutech NCF Booster…

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You’re solving a problem of your own making though. KISS :smiley:

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An IEC-contact in Gold…

:small_blue_diamond:Innocent_Bystander,…Thanks for the interesting information :smiley:.

But it’s as usual,.we pay for performance,…not manufacturing costs. Below are some pictures of an IEC-connector in gold.
This is Oyaide C-079.

:small_orange_diamond:On this image above we see Oyaide C-079 Gold IEC,.without cable.

As you can see in the picture,the earth is in rhodium.

:small_blue_diamond:The entire fork is made of pure (α) copper clad with Gold.

:small_orange_diamond:Here we see both IEC-connectors.

Oyaide C-004 rhodium on the right,.(these I added in pictures of earlier).
Oyaide C-079 gold on the left.

:black_small_square:Oyaide 004 rhodium female/male costs in Sweden £410:-.
:black_small_square:Oyaide 079 gold female/male costs £210:-.

The differences between the contacts can be described as…
:black_small_square:Oyaide 004 rhodium is more clear,clean with more timing.
:black_small_square:Oyaide 079 is more warm,soft with more sense in its character.

Here you may be hypothetically speculated that to a digital amplifier,.a contact in gold fits better.
But you should always try in your own music-system.


I somehow doubt I would hear the difference… But the descriptions fit the appearance pretty well! (Other than timing which of course can’t be seen.)

:small_orange_diamond:Mr Mike-B,…Actually,.I should be too “wise” to answer these posts at all.

But I are thinking about what your purpose is,.with writing such a post in my thread.?

Is it to try and destroy the thread.?
I’m 63 years old,…I know you are older than me.
So,.you should be wiser…or how.?

And you,.Mr.Mike-B,…“gullible” is the least I or “my” group in Sweden is…You can rely on that.
We test and question everything,and have done so in organized form since 1994.
In other words,…for 25 years.

I’m not going to waste any more time or energy on these “nonsense” posts.
But to show all the other the level of your post,…
So,.I put in a picture of the other contact as well.

Shame Mr.Mike-B,…You are welcome to contribute in my thread,if you write something with a positive angle,.which has something to add to what the thread is all about.
Otherwise I see preferably that you leave.

I prefer to see,that you do not respond to this post,.the thread should be about everything around Powercables,…
Nothing else.

Thanks for the word.