Cables for Nap 135

I recently made a deal to get a pair of CB Nap 135. These amps do not come with any cables. Is it possible to use my 4 pin din to XLR from my nap 250 ? I actually already have a extra cable and was wondering if this would be ok until I can can something more permanent. I will be using a Nac 32 with a snaps.

You can use nap250 DIN -XLRs but they’re not ideal - the proper ones for the NAP135/300/500 sound better and are properly handed. Just be sure connect to the correct XLR inputs on each 135, otherwise you’ll have two left channels or two right channels, or left and right crossed.

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Pic number 36

It seems a shame to go to the expense of acquiring amps as capable as the NAP135s, and then lashing them up with incorrect cables. Get your dealer to order the correct cables for you.

If you must look elsewhere, Chord Cables are very good, from my limited experience of them.

No, not correct. Pic 36 shows a DIN 5 180 deg to XLR.

I believe Pic 48 shows the DIN 4 to XLR lead used for a 250.

The required leads for 135’s will be similar, visually, but wired differently.

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Sorry - my misstake!
Like 48 but with red and green band!

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One picture out… :grinning:

Yes I will definitely get the right cables. It is just not a a stocked item at my local dealer and will take a few weeks. Just wanted to test the amps so that I can make sure everything works. I also will need to service them. Before really putting into use. That will by me a bit of time.

Ok well I tried to connect the 135 to the snaps but only get sound from one channel ( socket 1 ) on snaps ? is this do to with the stereo cable or am I missing something ?
Connections are from snaps
Socket 1 & 4 to each 135 socket 2 to nac 32
In this configuration I only get sound from whichever amp is in socket #1 on the snaps. XLR position does not matter seem to matter

Have you connected the 135 correct. They need to be connected to ch1 /ch2…

I tried the XLR on both sides . I am wondering if the snaps is able to run mono amps?

The SNAPS was designed before the 135 mono amps and was designed for use with stereo amps. You need to connect to socket 1 so will need a Siamesed DIN to 2 x XLR (handed) custom interconnect. Alternatively you could upgrade from the SNAPS to a HICAP, which provides the additional outputs required for running the 135s.


I vote high cap,

Thanks Richard. I thought that might be the case. Unfortunately I use a 32 not the .5 which does not support a hicap without modification. I am told this is easy but would rather just find a 32.5 and a hicap.

Err, no. It required a whole new main PCB.

Yes, better to search for a nice pre-loved 32.5 - or a 72 (better)… :slightly_smiling_face:


Another possibility is to search for a HiCap which still has the Single Rail DIN4 output (*) - which would power a 32 (or 42) - and would have multiple outputs for 135’s.

Such a HC could still power a 32.5 or 72 if you found one later.


(* - when introduced, all HiCap’s had this, to alow then to power the pre .5 preamps.)

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Yes, an earlier pre '93 HICAP would be fine. Just make sure it hasn’t had the single rail supply disconnected - this was often done at service time as it gave a small but worthwhile upgrade to the dual-rail supply. I purposely ensured my own CB HICAP stayed standard so I could use it to power my NAC12 as well as the 32.5s, 42.5s, and 62.

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My ‘pair’ of HiCaps are from 1986 & 1990 and so should still have their Single Rail outputs, then.

I certainly have not knowingly had the DIN4 outputs disabled… :neutral_face:

@Milspec1 Me too - please try a hicap
Sorry read your post later - without hicap output it is bad
If an early one will do - go for it